HabitMaster Is Now Available for iPad

HabitMasterBack in January, I wrote a post announcing HabitMaster for iPhone and iPod touch. Now, after a couple of months of development, Iā€™m glad to announce that HabitMaster is also available for iPad.
Better yet, you just need to buy it once to get the app on all your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you already bought HabitMaster before, all you need to do is downloading the latest free update to get the iPad version.

What Is HabitMaster?

HabitMaster is an app that helps you build positive habits in your life. It works by tracking how you keep the habits that you want to build. For each habit, you can see your current and longest streak. Your goal is simply to make your current streak as long as possible. Aim not to break the streak and you will automatically keep the habit.
Here are some screenshots of HabitMaster for iPad (you might want to turn on the option to display images if you read this through an email):

For more details and screenshots, please check it out on the App Store.
Click here to check out HabitMaster

Future Plan

Last week I wrote about the lessons I learned from The Power of Habit. Among others, it mentioned that a habit has three elements: cue (the thing that triggers you to do the habit), routine (the activity part of the habit), and reward (what you want to get from doing the habit). To make a new habit stick, you need to have a clear cue and a strong reward.
This gives me some ideas. I plan to strengthen the cue and reward parts of HabitMaster in the future. I do wish the app can help you develop good habits!


  1. Great idea for those who are into technical aids and gizmos…
    I applaud you!
    I just wonder… Will buying another thing help you change (from the look of it you could do these things in almost any electronic time management system already, tickbox lists and )?

    • Sure, you can use a calendar or a spreadsheet to do something similar if you want to, but I think the app is more convenient because it’s designed specifically with habit building in mind.
      The information is presented in such a way that makes it easier for you to focus on habit building and tracking your progress without any additional work.

  2. Thank you for releasing HabitMaster! Seeing the screenshot I believe it gonna be a great app for tracking our habits and achieving our goals. Gonna try it later šŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the tip Donald! People need structure and if an app on their phone can help, then its definitely a good thing!

  4. Will you be making this available for the Kindle Fire? I would love to own this app!! šŸ™‚

  5. This is awesome, I had not even thought about this until recently I had listened to Jared Martinez about Trading and he mentions the power of habit to make or break you. I belief it is a lot more powerful than we first think as it seems only when we are truly struggling do we start searching within ourselves and why certain situations are occurring around us. Outer reflections of negative circumstances are trying to show us… your current behaviour or habit or beliefs or actions or inactions have created this…. if you dont like this situation create a change… Most often Denial or Avoidance are what we choose depending on the person of course, but it comes around to what Reward we get for the behavoiur / habit/ belief/ action/ inaction.
    I suppose Results will help us in seeing clearly the change we can employ to help create a better path for ourselves, this little gizmo is another neat tool imho (mainly as I am a techi šŸ™‚
    like Tony Robbins mentions… asking yourself is it good for you? Is it good for others and does it serve the Greater Good? I feel when we ask ourselves this it helps dissipate a bad/poor/unhelpful habit into a better choice

  6. Thanks for the tip about the release of HabitMaster for Ipad. I believe this is really a great app.

  7. I am reading the book The Power of Habit right now. It’s very fascinating and really makes you think. I’ve been trying to think of how to use the ideas presented for my own son who seems to have a hard time waking in the morning and getting motivated to do the tasks that are set before him.
    BTW, this is my first visit to your blog and I’m really enjoying what I’m reading, especially the post regarding Vincent van Gogh. Very uplifting. I found you via Lifehacker??.

  8. This is awesome! Is this available for Iphone? This is a good idea for self-improvement enthusiasts like me. Congratulations!

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