Introducing Habit Ace 2.0

Building good habits is essential to living a fulfilling life. That’s why I’m happy to announce that Habit Ace 2.0 is now available! Habit Ace is an iOS app I develop that can help you build good habits. This is the app that I’ve been using to optimize my life.

You see, I started Life Optimizer back in 2006, but for years I didn’t know how exactly to optimize my life. I didn’t have a systematic way to do it. Only later did I realize that the best way to optimize my life is through habit tracking. That is, I set some habits to build and then track how good I am at keeping them. Doing this has made a lot of difference in my life.

I don’t just do daily habits, though. I found that I need to divide my habits into daily, weekly, and monthly. Why? Because some habits are better tracked on a weekly or monthly basis. For instance, I track my income and expenses weekly. But I aim to read a certain number of books monthly.

To implement this concept, I decided to develop an app. I’ve been building habit apps since 2011.

Habit Ace 2.0 is the newest version that aims to give you the best experience on iOS. Here are some of its features:

  • Different tabs for your daily, weekly, and monthly habits for clear organization.
  • Detailed view of your streaks to see when you succeeded and when you didn’t.
  • A motivating widget for your Home Screen. Completing all your habits will give you a complete golden circle!
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly reminders.
  • Target count for a habit. For instance, you can set a goal of reading three books per month.
  • Skippable days. For instance, you can choose not to do a habit on the weekends. Your streak will then continue through these days.
  • Automatic backup & sync through your iCloud account.

As mentioned above, this is the app that I’ve been using to optimize my life. It makes building habits feel like a game. You simply aim to mark as many habits as possible and make your streaks as long as possible.

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Feel free to send me your feedback. Have a great day!