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Life Optimizer is about living a fulfilling life by optimizing your life.

I believe that many people (including me) live below their maximum potential. While they do achieve things in life, there are still many more that they can achieve. The problem is that they don’t optimize their lives. There are aspects of their lives that can be made better and more effective than they are now.

I got the idea about life optimization from my background in computer science. In computer science, people always try to optimize the computer’s resources. Whether it is about the time required to complete a task or about the memory space needed, they always try to achieve better and better results. Even minor inefficiencies will become the subject of intensive research. In short, they always try to optimize everything.

I believe the same idea can be applied to life. Of course, this is a never-ending journey. But through this journey, by optimizing our lives along the way, I’m sure we can reach our full potential and live a fulfilling life.

About Me

My name is Donald Latumahina and I live in Indonesia. I’m an avid learner who has a deep passion for information technology (IT) and personal effectiveness.

Since 1994 when I got my first computer, I’m already passionate about IT. IT allows me to keep learning new things which is very exciting for me. On the other hand, I also liked organizational activities. Through these activities, I could develop skills which I couldn’t get in class such as management and interpersonal skill.

I believe that every person has a huge potential which is commonly underdeveloped, and because of that, I’m also very interested in personal effectiveness. Unleashing the full potential of myself and others has become a mission of mine.


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  2. Wow Don you let some comments above go here. I see you were also successful in increasing your Google page rank. No wonder it should be hitting 9 its that good. Nice reading your posts.

  3. Thanks, Terry. About the spam comments, I just noticed that they get into the blog. Usually Akismet (the spam filter) does its job well.

  4. Hi Donald,

    Happen to browse through your site.
    Cool, You are studying in NUS now.
    I am from Singapore and now in NTU.

    Yeah, I love personal development too. 🙂
    Have a great day ahead!

  5. Hi Alex. It’s great to meet someone from Singapore, especially from a neighboring university 🙂 I’m glad we have the same passion on personal development. Thanks for stopping by, and I wish all the best for you!

  6. Hi Donald,
    I just stumbled across your blog today. Yours is really an awesome blog. I’m into personal development myself so this blog strike a chord with me. I’m an Indonesian who has lived in the US for some time. It’s nice to see a fellow Indonesian who has interest in personal development. Keep up the good blog, I’ll sure be reading it every chance.


  7. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks a lot for your encouraging words! It’s great to meet a fellow Indonesian in this personal development side of the cyberspace. I wish you all the best, and I’m looking forward to knowing you more in the future.


  8. Hi Donald, your smile definitely our ‘Life Optimizer’. Wonderful blog you have. Welcome to Singapore. Looking at your smile really brightens up my day!

  9. Thanks, Peace Bella. I didn’t know that my smile has such an effect to brighten someone’s day 😉

  10. Indeed it does. I had just received your email. Looking at your smile is great. It warms the heart. In fact you can enlarge your pic. You look good!

  11. […] Donald Latumahia has uniquely compared investing financially to the investment in knowledge in ‘How to Become a Millionaire of Knowledge.’ This is a great little read because it rings true. Applied knowledge really is power in today’s world and God knows there is no shortage of knowledge out there waiting for us. With correct knowledge you can Master any area of your life, from your body to your finances to your relationships. So as Donald says, build up your ‘Knowledge Bank Account‘ and start today! […]

  12. Donald

    Gr8 blog. I’m surprised to note that you are a student in NUS. You ought to be a LECTURER in NUS, by the way you write.

    All the best.

    Sri Lanka

  13. What a compliment, Jiffry 🙂 I’m glad to know someone from Sri Lanka. I wish all the best for you too.

  14. Bro, meet you at this blog !
    Hope you still remember me ^_^
    Thanxx for the ebook, by the way ^_^

    Never know that you have another blog that about Personal Development beside Gaya Hidup Digital blog…
    Ternyata ada juga Indonesian yg punya Personal Development blog !
    Cool !

    Akhir – akhir ini lg suka browsing hal2 yg berbau Productivity en GTD. Very usefull resources…

    Keep the good work bro ^_^

  15. Hi Tammy! Of course I remember you, how can I forget? 🙂
    Yes, productivity and GTD topics are very interesting and useful, I’m a big fan of them myself. Thanks for your kind support! Gbu too 🙂

  16. Pak Donald, kenalkan saya Setiaji Kurniawan.
    Saya dapat link blog bapak dari lifehack.org.
    Terima kasih pak, buat artikel2 nya yang membantu saya keep improve my self..
    Ijinkan saya add site bapak di blog saya, boleh ?

  17. Hi Setiaji,
    Sure, you may link to this blog as you please. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Thanks for your blog. It’s good to find people trying to be the greatness that they are, a continual process. I started my renewed journey earlier this year and wrote, Wasting Time.

  19. Welcome, Usiku. I’m also glad to meet someone with similar interest. Keep on blogging; it’s always nice to see people share their thoughts on personal development.

  20. Hi Donald, GREAT posts and a wonderful blog! Congrats — I’m subscribing and I’ll be back! Gratefully, Jenny

  21. Jenny,
    Thanks for the encouragement, and welcome to Life Optimizer!

  22. Hi there Don :D. Nice blogs you got here.
    It’s me Aries from STTS. 😀
    Looking forward your next write.

  23. Hi Aries! Nice to meet you here and thanks for your kind words 🙂

  24. I like your website design, very neat and sleek!

    Also, being a runner, I am please particular attracted by the banner.


    Jordan Cheng

  25. Thanks, Jordan! I rarely find someone praise my website design, let alone the banner 😉

  26. […] Donald Latumahina nos ofrece, en LifeOptimizer, 10 cosas a evitar para encontrar la felicidad en la vida. Lo traduzco y publico pues se trata de valores que se nos inculcan desde chicos (y estoy muy seguro de eso), pero que en el afán del mundo moderno y el consumismo, ignoramos. Los dejo con la traducción (libre, como siempre): Si quieres ser felíz (y estoy seguro de que todos lo deseamos), es esencial asegurarse de no caer en los escollos al recorrer el camino hacia la felicidad. Caer en los escollos te hará más difícil ser y mantenerte felíz en la vida. […]

  27. Krishna kant jha
    Krishna kant jha

    Very interesting and practical tips on your site. Excited to visit your blog,so much to read and know about humans problems.
    Whether you return comments on individual and specific issues related to human growth?

  28. […] the LifeOptimizer blog posting “Two Basic Relationship Problems,” the author, Donald Latumahina, breaks down both the value of relationships and what he sees as the two most basic […]

  29. Krishna,
    Though I can’t promise that I will reply to all comments, I do try to reply to as many of them as possible. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and questions. Thanks for stopping by!

  30. Hey Donald- just wanted to say ‘great job’ on your blog…I’ve actually included you in a post I’m writing for Create Business Growth (www.createbusinessgrowth.com) so look for it on 8/29/08! Thanks again, and I’m happy to be a subscribed reader!

  31. Janelle,
    Thanks for the encouraging words! They mean a lot to me. I also appreciate your including me in your article. I’m looking forward to reading it.

  32. Thank you so much for this extremely useful and enlightened blog.

  33. You’re welcome, PT. Thanks for stopping by.

  34. Hi Donald,

    Just found your blog yesterday. I really love it. Thanks for taking the time to write all these articles. I will definitely be a regular visitor here. Don’t stop writing!

  35. Hi Jean,
    I’m glad you find the articles useful. It’s my greatest pleasure in writing this blog. Don’t worry, I have no plan to stop writing 🙂

  36. Donald:

    I really appreciate your blog. I stumbled upon it and found your tip from some time ago about the Cool Timer. I’ve been using it ever since and my average task completion time has been accelerated to a new level. It’s cut my work time in half for a variety of projects. GREAT TIP!!!

    Thanks so much,

  37. Michael,
    Nice to know that the tip also works for you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  38. Hi!
    I like very much the tone of your blog, the way you say (write) things makes me – and I guess all other readers – identify with you and what you have to say.


  39. Hi Donald,
    Just wanted to say great blog! I like the article on 17 ways to being happy, a lot of great stuff there. Keep up the good work.

  40. Jason,
    Thanks! Glad you like what you find here 🙂

  41. Hi Donald,

    Great to come across your blog!! Awesome. I’m Herdian also a huge personal development addict… (<-good thing or bad thing .. hahaha), Are you residing in Indonesia? Whereabouts? I live in Jakarta. I do truly enjoy your writing and insights. I am now a subscriber and I look forward to reading your entire blog. Keep in touch !!

  42. Hi Herdian,
    Nice to meet you 🙂 Yes, I stay in Indonesia, in Surabaya to be exact. You have a nice blog, keep up the good work!

  43. Donald I am a lover of computers also. My first PC was a RadioShack Color Computer which had a plastic button on top ‘4K’ and I upgraded it to 32K. It was a great little machine with color graphics and I used my tape recorder for storage. The printer’s lower case characters were all even (ie the lower case letters j p q were stuck up higher). There was no WWW but perhaps the internet was established. A non-professional I still struggle with upgrades etc.

    I also share your life improvement interest, my 32 Keys About Life has been online since 1999.

    Your blog is looking great and I have linked in from my Social Fix blog.

  44. Grampa Ken,
    That’s a very interesting machine you worked with! It’s also nice that we share similar interest in self improvement.

  45. I am so glad I found the site and the time to read the posts. I love the fact the fact that while we might be miles apart all seem to have a common goal for personal development and the want to share this information with the rest. I am currently working on a project about people who find a change of direction latter in life and seek the information to chase their dreams on their terms and not the company. I hope to see your works in a book one day. Thanks for the inspiration and all who comment for all the views

  46. […] Donald does a great job of sticking to his website’s “mission statement” by posting original articles (written by himself or those he approves from guest bloggers) about well, how to “optimize your life” (e.g. living your life to the fullest). You can normally find a new article posted every week, and often multiple times per week, so the website is updated very frequently… and has been that way for years (the website was started way back in September 2006!). You can tell that Life Optimizer is in it for the long run, and not just another blog that will get lost in “space’” in just a few months. […]

  47. Hi,

    Just discovered your website! A lot of practical info on how to be your best….not just new age hoo-haa…I like it already! Keep it up!

  48. Paul,
    Thanks for your wishes. That’s a very good project you are working on and I wish you all the best for it.

    Thanks! I do try to be practical and I’m glad you find it so.

  49. Hello Donald!
    Congratulations for your web page, as a 19-year-old student many of your articles have been very helpful. They should be a must-read for everyone!

    I assume you must be very busy but I would like to recommend you something for your writings:

    Why don’t you write articles targeted for college/university students? Your articles are good for any age, but you could do some focusing on teenagers. For example, you could write advises on the usual categories you write but aimed for students who are just about to start an undergraduate degree. I think this would be a good idea, you could even write a book; in the UK there are many articles and blogs that talk about students’ worries. If you talk to prospect universities students, just as myself, we are not only worried about issues concerning university life but we are all ANXIOUS to be successful, and we all need the sort of advises you have written! They are student handbooks for university life, but nothing about personal development!

    I hope this is helpful to you. I assume you must have many ideas to write about, and what you need is time. You must have had lots of recommendations, but well, mine is just to write more student-orientated articles.


  50. Ismael,
    Thanks for the suggestion! I appreciate your thoughts on how I can better contribute value. I would love to write articles targeted for college/university students, but the demographic profile of the readers shows that only 8% of them are between 18-24 years old. I might start a new blog for that someday.

  51. Donald,

    I am so happy to have found your blog this weekend. I am a young writer of self help and alternative leadership in the United States and look to follow your example of providing life-optimizing content for readers across the world.

    Happy to connect with you and look forward to reading more,


  52. Hey Donald, Simon here from Canada. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing. I recently stumbled across your site. Your blog and updates motivate me daily and keep whats important in the fore front…personal development. WE can ALL use this approach to interact better with each other. You are always welcome here in Niagara Falls. Hope your having a great day in Indonesia!!!

  53. Hi Donald,

    you have a very popular blog and I want to start one of my own.
    Would you mind sharing with me how one gets to be in the top
    of the list?

  54. Dave,
    Glad to know you. Good luck for your web site!

    Wow, you live in Niagara Falls? Must be a fantastic place to live 🙂 Thanks for the kind words! I wish all the best for you.

    I’m nowhere near the top of the list, but I do learn several things in blogging. Perhaps the most important lesson is to be passionate about your topic and not expect instant results. It takes time to build a blog and those who expect instant results are unlikely to make it. Good luck!

  55. just find this blog a while ago. really like your style of writing. I will try to implement some of your tips soon. hope I can be regular visitor of your blog.

    btw, your last name sounds very Indonesian 🙂

  56. Wirawan,
    Thanks and welcome to Life Optimizer. Yes, I realize my last name sounds very Indonesian 🙂

  57. I think most of the personal development practitioner are all tech savvy also. Nice to know you Donald

  58. Thanks, John. Nice to know you too.

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  60. Your site has been very helpful, I am grateful for your contribution!

  61. Hi Donald,
    I just read your post on Theodore Roosevelt today and was inspired to not let weakness keep me from pressing forward. What a man!
    I also appreciate your writing style (short and to the point) – I’m trying to use the same approach as I write inspiring content that helps people live with focus and be tenacious.
    I look forward to reading more of your work.

  62. This is an excellent website and provides such a great value for a blogger like me at the early stage:)

  63. Donald, your works are life-transforming. Thanks for being a change agent; God bless you more.

  64. Brilliant! Cheers!!

  65. D, my names Moe and I live in Portland, Oregon. Just wanted to tap in and let you know that as far as I’m concerned.. you’re the man.. It’s that simple! You’re touching lives, my guy, please stay at it!

    I have a wife and 2 kids and was recently diagnosed with some pretty heavy stuff.. For a long time I’ve felt obligated to pour all my time and energy into family (which includes running a business and taking care of my sick mother) BUT my naturopathic MD has really been on me about setting time aside for myself, so I can honestly assess my condition and the medical fight ahead of me.. and though I never told her.. I considered the thought unacceptable and contradictory to what’s expected of a real man. I was raised in the projects and as a youth, it was engrained in me that a man does for family, no matter the sacrifice. The truth is I really don’t know how to “do me,” after the kids came, I truly lost my personal identity but your blog is giving me ideas that I never would have considered and I’m forever grateful! Stay blessed D!

  66. Thanks Donald for such an inspirational post! Keep up the great spirit!

  67. Hi Donald,

    Wish you a very Happy New Year! I read your article for the very first time, its mind blowing and very inspirational. Keep up the good work,.

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