Why Growing Slowly Is the Best Way to Grow

The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.

If there are two ways to success, the first one is instant and the second one takes a long time, which one would you choose? I think most people will take the first one. After all, who doesn’t want to get a quick reward?
But there is a difference between achieving a quick success and a lasting success. If you just want a quick success, then sure, the first way the best way to go. However, if you want a lasting success, I believe you should choose the second way. It’s a slow way, but it’s the best way to grow. Here are two reasons why:
1. It prepares you for the responsibility
Being successful is nice, but it comes with a big responsibility. If you don’t have what it takes, you might seem successful on the outside, but you might not be ready on the inside.
Success could easily ruin your life if you are not ready for it. There are many people who are successful in one area of their lives, but messed up in the other areas. Perhaps they have family problems. Or they become arrogant. Or they feel empty inside.
Real success means being successful in all areas of your life, not just in one or two. There has to be a balance between all of them.
Growing slowly is good because it prepares you for the big responsibility that comes with success. You will be able to handle it and keep your life balanced.That’s how you can have a lasting success.
2. It prepares you for moments of crisis
Those who want a quick success often do more than what they can afford. They take excessive risks that will eventually hurt themselves and others. These people might seem successful in the beginning, but when the storm comes they won’t be able to withstand it.
Warren Buffett is a good example here. He grows his portfolio slowly over the years. He doesn’t do the “exotic” things many others do in the financial world. As a result, when the crisis struck, he was able to recover quickly. In fact, he used the opportunity to buy stocks on the cheap.
What makes the difference here? Those who grow slowly take the time to build their foundation. They don’t hurry to build a big house. They are patient and use the time to build a strong foundation first. That’s why they can withstand the storm better than those who just want to quickly build the house.
So it’s up to you. What kind of success do you want? Do you want a quick success or a lasting success?
Photo by Vinoth Chandar


  1. Hi, enjoyed ready your article but, not to be too critical, you may want to double check your grammar before releasing to the public. Spell check isn’t going to correct that for you. It’s kind of insulting when reading and an embarrassment to you, the author.

    • Sure, I’ll try to be better next time. Thanks for the advice.

    • You may want to double check your spelling buddy. That is the insult, you idiot.

      • Jim H,
        There are so many ways to express opinions and to advise people. Your way is slightly unpleasant. It sounds a bit arrogant. You made some spelling mistakes while stressing the importance of writing good English. So, for one reason or another mistakes happen and we correct them.. It’s a cycle that builds a sort of knowledge base.. All the best!!

  2. Jacqueline Ross
    Jacqueline Ross

    Hi, little grammatical error, So what!
    misunderstanding is the main cause of human misery. So if the message printed or spoken is understood there is nothing to worry about. after all we are all HUMAN?
    Kind regards

  3. I like to take my time and grow slowly. I think it’s the best way to build a strong foundation to fall back on, should we ever need it. While taking the slow route doesn’t always seem like you’re making progress, in the end will definitely pay off.

  4. I go for lasting success! Taking responsibility and consistently making changes and maintaining it, changing your subconscious so it becomes a natural part of you is where the power lies!
    Wow Jim H, it’s more an embarassment to yourself by treating an author who has put a great article out there to help people! And Donald you shouldn’t apologize.
    I know myself i’d rather put valuable information out there than bow down to the grammar nazis.
    Perfection is much less important than getting the message out there!

  5. I, absolutely, agree with you Donald.
    Think about a pine tree, and an oak tree:
    Which one grows faster?
    What’s their difference in their wood?
    Which one would you prefer to be?

  6. I actually like lasting success since there is no such way for a person to be successful without finding the needed “chatacter” maturity for growth! =)

  7. Hi Donald,
    How are you?
    I’m glad you took an interest in personal development. I’m also a coach and teacher in the field. So exciting isn’t it?
    Growing slow is the best to grow because it’s realistic and practical.
    God bless

  8. What ever slow or fast … but what i’m worry about is not growing anymore 🙁

  9. I thin that growing up with a mixture of fast and slow is the best. I think there are times when you need experience right away to adapt to your situation and there are times where nothing but time will allow you to understand what is going on.

  10. thanks Donald, its great to build up foundations carefully

  11. Slow and steady, they say wins the race-I’ll rather grow gradually knowing that Rome was not built in a day. Thanks a million for that Donald.

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