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Why a Passion for Learning Is Essential

What do you think is a key trait for thriving in this age? A good answer, I believe, is a passion for learning. Let me explain. I recently read Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing by Jacob Goldstein. It’s an insightful book about the history of finance. It covers topics such as the…

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The Importance of Building Mental Models and How to Do It

I’m currently re-reading The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman. I’ve read the book years ago, but I recently felt the need to read it again. The book summarizes important principles for businesses that it calls “mental models”. The term “mental model” was popularized by Charlie Munger, the investment partner of Warren Buffett. In short, mental…

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Thriving Despite Adversity: A Lesson From Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler is one of the greatest mathematicians who have ever lived. Living in the 18th century, he contributed to many fields of mathematics. He was very prolific; when he passed away at the age of 76, he had more than 850 publications! Many of the mathematical notations that we use today were first introduced…

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