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3 Ways to Make Your Life More Fulfilling

What do you think is a defining characteristic of a good life? Well, I believe it’s fulfillment. The more you feel fulfilled, the better your life is. In fact, that’s the mission of Life Optimizer: helping you live a fulfilling life.  So how can we live fulfilling lives? We can answer this question from multiple…

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Habit Ace 3.0 Is Now Available!

After working on it for a few months, I’m happy to announce that Habit Ace 3.0 is now available! Habit Ace is an iOS app I develop that helps you build purposeful habits. It’s the app that I’ve been using to optimize my life. This new version adds support for Apple Watch. That means you…

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Antifragile: More Than Being Resilient

One interesting concept that I read in Skip the Line is the difference between being resilient and being antifragile. The term “antifragile” comes from a book by Nassim Taleb but I read about it in Skip the Line by James Altucher. I always thought that being resilient is good, but it turns out that being…

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Feel Fulfilled by Cultivating Your Portfolio of Passions

If you want to live a fulfilling life, you should cultivate your portfolio of passions. What I mean is that you should make room for different passions of yours and nurture them. Why is this important? Because reaching your full potential will make you feel fulfilled. The keyword here is full. Reaching your potential in…

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Upgrading Your Life Through Virtual Mentors

A book that I’m reading is Skip the Line by James Altucher. It has many interesting ideas, but here I’d like to share just one of them with you: reading books can give you virtual mentors. In fact, the author wrote that reading is a “superpower” because of it! You see, we need mentors to…

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