Theme for October 2008 and Monthly Roundup of September 2008

We’ve been in October now and the theme for this month is Winning Attitude. Here we will discuss the attitudes we need to have to overcome challenges and difficulties in life.
Now let’s look at what happened here last month.
Best Posts
There were 13 posts published here in September. The most visited posts were:

Guest Posts
We have five guest posts last month:

To Scot, Ron, Aileen, Chrissy, and Jeff: thanks for sharing your thoughts!
One Year Before
Looking one year back to September 2007, the most visited posts were:

I’d like to thank these sites for featuring us in their carnivals: Think Happy Thoughts, Pinkblocks, Widow’s Quest, One Organized Life, About Holistic Healing, Effortless Abundance, Colloquium, Self-Help for Self-Mastery, Financial Learn, and Career Confidant.


  1. Thanks for the guest post opportunity Donald!

  2. Jeff,
    It’s always my pleasure to publish quality content like yours.

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