Review: Get Applause Now

My friend Andrew Rondeau – who wrote a guest post here last week – just launched a new product called Get Applause Now. This is a package designed to improve your public speaking skill which is co-authored by Andrew and Darren LaCroix, the World Champion of Public Speaking in 2001.
I’ve personally been thinking about improving my speaking skills for a while. As you all know, communication skill is essential for success. Since I’ve been working on my writing skill for some time now (thanks mainly to this blog), the next thing to work on would be my speaking skill.
The funny thing is just a few days before Andrew gave me a review copy, someone I trust advised me to improve my speaking skill. What a coincidence! I got a package on public speaking right when I was thinking about it.
The package comes with a free 28-page PDF you can download entitled The Simple Steps to Deliver A Dazzling Presentation.
The package itself consists of four parts (three MP3s and one PDF):

  1. How to Write and Deliver a Winning Speech
    This is the first MP3 I listened to. Here Darren LaCroix explained in detail what you need to have to make a good speech. As an outsider to public speaking world, it gives me an insight on the kind of preparation that goes into a good speech. A good speech requires you to understand your listeners so that you can capture their attention and get your message across.
  2. Humor 101: Comedy Secrets for Professional Presentations
    Here Darren discussed the situations that make people laugh and how to create such situations yourself. There’s a clear process behind making people laugh that professional speakers know and follow. You can see that stand-up comedians actually use it in their performances.
  3. Free to Fee: How to Start Getting Paid to Speak
    In it, Darren explained what you need to do if you want to become a professional speaker.  He discussed the mental and technical difficulties you will face along with tips on how to overcome them. It helps me understand how speaking business works and how to be part of it.
  4. Get Applause Now: Make Your Presentations Come Alive
    This is a 64-page PDF by Andrew that helps you make good presentations. It covers multiple aspects of presentation including preparation, using visual aids, structuring content, and delivery. Each section has a Personal Action Plan to help you apply it.

All in all, I think it’s a solid package for its price ($39.95). For someone new to speaking like me, it’s  eye-opening and gives me a foundation to understand the world of public speaking.
You can go to Get Applause Now web site for more information.
In the first three days of the launch you will get three additional e-books and two additional MP3s as bonus.


  1. Hi Donald,
    Nice review, I’ll have to check that product out. Have you ever read “The Exceptional Presenter?” It’s a great book about presenting that really helped me. The toughest part is actually practicing all of the tips and methods.
    I’m thinking of joining a toastmasters club to improve even further. Have you ever heard or been to one of those meetings? I’m interested in how much that would help me. Thoughts?

  2. Hi Pat,
    Andrew here – co-author of Get Applause Now!
    Re: Toastmasters. Join one!
    It is a safe environment whereby you can practice all the newly learned tips and methods.
    Darren LaCroix was the ToastMaster Champion – that is where he started, so yes I recommend joining.
    By the way, the free report which Donald is giving away has an action plan to help you practice your Public Speaking skills.

  3. Sounds like a great package of resources for public speaking. I paid a fortune for a day course a few years back!!
    Can I also recommend the National Speakers Association

    Andrew has not received permission to resell Darren LaCroix’s material. HE IS BREAKING THE LAW. Please do not support his dishonest selling practices!!

  5. Cynthia,
    Andrew here from GreatManagement.
    I believe there is some confusion. Darren and I have spoken on the phone and exchanged emails with regards to me, using his audios.
    I have just written to Darren to resolve this confusion.

  6. Pat,

    The toughest part is actually practicing all of the tips and methods.

    That’s where the difficulties begin with most books 🙂 Thanks for recommending a book. I’ll check it out.
    I’ve heard about Toastmasters and I think they’re good like Andrew said. Unfortunately, there isn’t a club in my area.

    Can I also recommend the National Speakers Association.

    NSA is a great association for speakers. Darren mentioned it in the MP3s.

  7. I have personally spoken to Darren LaCroix and he apologises profusely for this misunderstanding. He confirmed our original arrrangement for me to resell his products. We should expect an apology from Cynthia shortly.

  8. Andrew & friends —
    My apologies for the quick action to protect copyrights. As I told Andrew in a separate email, we have SO many people who DON’T ask permission to use the World Champions’ material… sometimes there’s a tendency to get a bit overzealous in the effort to protect their work.
    I would never intentionally hurt somebody who HAS been given permission — so please forgive me for not waiting until Andrew had the chance to respond to our inquiry before I started posting. :o)
    Good luck with your new product!
    (the crazy copyright lady)

  9. QUick copyright comment. Glad ANdrew is ok as a reseller, but he violated my copyright and it looks like many others by using my articles on his site without permission. Trying to get him to provide nominal compensation but…

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