Life Optimizer’s New Tagline: Live a Fulfilling Life

Recently I changed the tagline of Life Optimizer to “Live a fulfilling life”. It replaces the previous tagline “Insights to reach your full potential”. Why did I change it? Because I believe that the new tagline can better describe the mission here. It can give you a better description of how Life Optimizer can help you.

The previous tagline was pretty good, but it has a couple of shortcomings.

First, it could cause a misconception about what it means to reach your full potential. Some people might think that it means reaching the maximum level of wealth or fame. But that’s not what I mean. I never make wealth or fame my goals. They could become byproducts of what I want to achieve, but they aren’t the goal themselves. Instead, what I want to achieve is this definition of happiness: being able to live true to myself and realize my potential. So I want to minimize possible misconceptions.

Second, there is the word “insights” in the old tagline that I want to remove. The word is a good description of what I want to provide through Life Optimizer as a blog, but now I want Life Optimizer to be more than just a blog. In addition to my writings, I plan to develop a few apps and give them more prominent roles over time. Therefore, the word “insights” is no longer enough to describe what Life Optimizer is about. In addition to “insights”, there will be “tools”.

For these reasons, I believe that “Live a fulfilling life” is a better tagline than the old one. It uses the word “fulfilling” which describes exactly what I want to achieve in life. Here is a definition of “fulfilling”: Making someone satisfied or happy because of fully developing their character or abilities. Well, that’s what I want!

The new tagline also uses the word “live” which focuses on the result without limiting the way to get there. It’s no longer limited to just insights. Instead, the word “live” covers both the insights and tools.

So that’s the reasoning behind the new tagline. I hope you like it. Let’s live fulfilling lives!