Improve Your Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts

In this information age, computers have been a big part of our life. In fact, many people spend much – if not most – of their time working with computers. As such, there is a simple way to improve your productivity when dealing with computers:

Use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible

You can save a lot of time by using keyboard shortcuts instead of other input devices such as mouse. The same tasks can be completed in much less time by using shortcuts (well, maybe that’s why it is called shortcuts in the first place).

For example, let’s see software familiar to most of us: Microsoft Word. How do you open Thesaurus in Word? You can use mouse to click menu Tools, and then Language, and then Thesaurus. Or you can instantly open it by pressing Shift-F7. And how do you open Macros in Word? You can use mouse to click menu Tools, and then Macro, and then Macros, or just use the shortcut Alt-F8. Much quicker, right?

People playing computer games now how important keyboard shortcuts are. I once played multiplayer games against my friends. Though I knew the features quite well, I didn’t know the shortcuts. So I used my mouse to build new troops and new buildings. All my more experienced friends didn’t bother using the mice; they all used keyboard shortcuts. Guess who won the game ? Obviously, it wasn’t me. My friends who used shortcuts could build their force much faster and just stormed mine.

Of course, keyboard shortcuts would be beneficial only if you are familiar with your keyboard. If you can find the menus with mouse faster than the letters in your keyboard, then mouse would be a better solution for you. However, with more and more people spent their time with computers, many people are now familiar with their keyboards.


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  2. Great tips took time for reading but i can use some of them

  3. Thank you Ashish. Personally I’m still learning now on how to further utilize keyboard shortcuts to improve my productivity.

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