Ask the Readers: What Are Your Best Time-Saving Tips?

There is no doubt that time is a precious resource. In fact, it’s the one resource that you can’t get back if you lose it. That’s why it’s important that you use your time wisely.

To use your time wisely, you should save your time whenever possible. Do the right things and do them the right way. Don’t take more time than what is necessary. That’s how you can become productive.

I’d like to know how you save your time, so here is my question to you:

What are your best time-saving tips?

Please leave your answer in the comments so that everyone can read it. Thanks!


  1. Best time saving tip that comes to mind is to finish anything you start. Don’t leave incompletes.

  2. be quick, don’t think about the stuff too much, be organised,be neat and tidy,get the important stuff done early, delete your social media accounts, work anywhere you can and prepare your meal .

    • Wow, about removing the social media accounts, that has been quite helpful… Tried it many times…

  3. Deleting social media from my life (or deactivating it for a time) really helped me save a lot of time.

    • Absolutely, I have most of the social media accounts but only because I monitor my children. I get on to check and I see all these people posting and replying back to each other all day long I don’t know how they have time to do anything else!

  4. Disable notifications from most of the apps. It saved lot of time for me.

  5. My time savu g tip: Do not try to save the time, relax

  6. Rise early , plan in the Notes in your handheld, take a break when your productivity is dropping

  7. Sayed Ali Almoosawi
    Sayed Ali Almoosawi

    Using a text expansion software to write my most used phrases, emails, tasks

    Using email filters to delete unwanted email automatically

    Turning data off on my phone so that i dont receive any notification while in on my desktop

  8. Building momentum by taking on smaller tasks that can lead to large amounts of success is one of the best time-saving tips I have gotten from this community, and it’s one that I highly recommend for you all to try.

  9. I use an old kitchen timer to clean my house or to study usually I will start on 1 thing and bounce back and forth across the house and by the end I can’t see much difference so I use a kitchen timer start on 1 task or studying 1 subject set the time for 30 mins I take a 10 minute break and the move onto the next task or subject

  10. Do your serious thinking when you are doing the routine tasks

  11. Avoid being perfect

  12. Have a project list and daily ‘Bubble Map’ of three priorities with size of bubble indicating importance. List minor items for day at bottom.
    Access email twice a day an hour each. Discourage voice mail by message indicating email or text preferred.
    My issue? Get stuck in ‘urgent’ items and minor daily things.
    Retired now so hole to improve 🙂

  13. Prepare your ‘To Do’ list the night before.
    Get up early.
    In between two tasks, read your goals and quotations written on 3′ x 5′ cards.
    I get new ideas while having my cup of tea; write down those ideas to include in blogs – no need to “sit down” for ideas and spend extra time.

  14. Cecilia Indriyani
    Cecilia Indriyani

    try to implement “time blocking method” and “2 minutes rule”. Really effective.


    My most useful thus far is that I send my husband meeting requests for all my appointments, etc. That way he knows where I am, if I am busy, etc. I also set up appts for him (haven’t quite gotten him in the habit of him sending them to me yet!) so that I see where he is etc. I also send these to him to remind him to make calls, appts that I can’t do for him, etc. This prevents double-booking ourselves on the weekend, etc. as all our social appts are done this way too. I use gmail and color code each of our categories: red for him, purple for me, green our company, gray, spiritual, blue home, etc. Then of course share the calendars and everything is laid out quite nicely.

  16. Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
    I make my to do list and set reminders accordingly…

  17. Cassandra Brown
    Cassandra Brown

    My best time saving comment is drive as little as possible. I get the train for all my long distance domestic travel instead of driving and the amount of work I can get done on a train journey is huge

  18. I think the best way to save your time is to structure your day and set your goals of which work do you do on a specific time. This tip can save your , get your work done and make you more productive.

  19. I schedule my day in blocks – I see clients in the morning or afternoon depending on the day. I then schedule 2 and 3 hour blocks of time to do intense work (financial/blogging/outreach/product development) I also schedule breaks and take them so I can get out of the office to go on a walk or work out mid day

  20. Thanks for sharing, everyone! There are many useful tips here.


    I’m a student now and this is how I manage my time
    We all know that 24hrs make one day
    so I have divided it into three which give us 8
    I use 8hrs for the school activities
    8hrs for my personal studies
    and the remaining 8hrs I use it to rest

  22. make a “to do” list for each day

    follow the list and tick off what has been done

    place incomplete task on the next days list

    tick off completed task as you go along

    I find that this strategy saves me time and money. It also eliminate the risk of forgetting important duties or task.

  23. Thank you Donald, saving time it is important in our daily programs. We always need a schedule for things we have to do which are productive. If i can recall on my graduation, the Late Dr Samson Kiseka, was talking to all the out going graduates. Time is money, if you waste your time you are wasting your money, Do the right thing at the right time and in a right place. Thx again.

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