Discovering Idle Potentials

This vacation, a friend of mine asks me to write a small-scale business software for him. Though I’ve learned computing for years and am now a graduate student in it, it’s been about two years since I wrote my last “serious” software. So, I need time to refresh my programming skill though it’s relatively a small-scale software.

I know that writing software would take a lot of time, so I thought I would write the software at the expense of the fun I should enjoy in my vacation time. I might have to give up things like watching movies or playing games for writing the software. And therefore, my vacation would be less “meaningful”.

However, after writing the software for a while, I’ve now changed my mind. I don’t think that my vacation is now less meaningful. Instead, I believe that this task has actually made my vacation even more meaningful! Why? Because of one simple fact: it has reminded me of my old enjoyment in programming.

I remember that in high school I did programming just for fun. I learned programming from books and wrote simple games like tetris, space invaders, and the likes. I really enjoyed programming. This continued to college where I wrote a lot of software and enjoyed my time doing so. Besides enjoying it, I thought I also had talent in it.

However, in the recent years I’ve left programming. I spend most of my spare time reading and writing. Though I continue learning computing, I haven’t made my hand “dirty” through real coding.

The task has reminded me of this old enjoyment and talent. I now realize that I have let a potential in me idle for so long. Optimizing life actually means that I should develop and use my strengths as good as possible. How can I ignore one of them for so long? Realizing this, I now plan to spend more time and attention to sharpen and use my programming skill. It should be used to further advance my life.

I’m afraid that many people also have some potentials which they have ignored for long time. They may have let idle something which could potentially be one of their strengths.

What about you? Are you one of them?


  1. I am the one, same kind as you.And to be honest i am going to bring back programmin back to my blog and life this year.I had mentioned about that in my post which particiaped in darrens project too.I hope if we keep track of our blogs , we will be able to keep track of it.

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  2. Thank you for the notification Ashish. I’ve read your post about it and I’m thinking about upgrading my blog now.

    Sorry for the late response. In the recent days I was in vacation and my Internet connection was very limited.

    Do you have a sound positive attitude?If NO,How do you achieve this:
    1 Belive in yourself
    2 Don’t hate yourself
    3 Always affirm positivily whenever you have a challange:like
    I can do through Christ that strengths me or yes i can do this
    4 Know that God loves you

  4. Yes..I am also the one among of them:D
    I really like Mathematics in high school, after attend university i abandon it very long nearly 6 years
    I want to recover it back. Is it good idea for me!

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