5 Essential Ways to Save Time

I recently asked the readers about their best time-saving tips. I was glad to get many great answers. Now, I’d like to contribute my own thoughts on it. Along with the readers’ answers, I believe these can help you live a more effective life.

Without further ado, here are five essential ways to save time.

1. Have Clarity

Before anything else, you should have clarity. You need to know where you are going and whether you are on track or not. Otherwise, you could waste a lot of time doing things that turn out to be unnecessary. Worse, you could have lifetime regrets.

How can you have clarity? By investing time in finding it. Take time to reflect on your life and connect with your purpose. Are you going in the right direction? Or have you been off track?

2. Simplify

After having clarity, you can simplify your life. Eliminate things that don’t help you get to your destination. Apply the 80/20 rule and remove distractions. That way your life will become both simple and focused.

3. Build a Knowledge Advantage

While clarity and simplicity can help you do the right things, knowledge can help you do them the right way. It can help you know the most efficient way to do things. So make your self-education a priority. Build a knowledge advantage.

4. Build Time Assets

Time assets are things that can save you time in the future. You spend some time to build them, but then they can save you a lot of time down the road.

My favorite time assets are checklists. I have checklists for various tasks that I do. It takes time to build a good checklist, but then I can use it to save a lot of time. Plus, I can be sure that I won’t miss anything.

5. Outsource

Lastly, you can save time by outsourcing. There are many tasks that you can outsource to sites like Fiverr and Upwork. I do it from time to time for tasks (such as design) that fall beyond my competencies. Outsourcing can free up a lot of your time.

Doing these five things will help you live a more productive life.

Any thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments.


  1. The time asset that I use is a tracker. You’re right it makes such a difference, I save time trying to figure out what I should be doing next and the stress of trying to remember.


  2. What has been your experience with Upwork?

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