Black Friday Deal: Get 50% Off Blinkist

Update: click here to get 50% off Blinkist (Black Friday 2018)


Blinkist has a Black Friday deal for you: for one day only, you can get a Blinkist subscription for 50% off forever.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, Blinkist is a service that gives you the key insights of non-fiction books so that you don’t need to read entire books. Instead of spending days on a book, you just need to spend around 15 minutes. As a result, you can learn from a lot more books in the same amount of time. It’s a good way to learn more in less time.

Blinkist has an app available for iOS and Android, so you can read the content on your favorite device. I have been a happy subscriber for more than two years now.

Click here to get the deal. I’m sure you will find the resource useful.


  1. I cannot sign in to the Black Friday 50 percent off deal. Why not? It is still 25 November.

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