Cyber Monday Deal: Get 60% Off My E-books

After the first deal on Black Friday, today I’d like to give you my second (and last) deal: for three days only, you can get my e-books for 60% off.

There are three e-books that you can get. The first one is Motivation Booster, a collection of my best motivational writings, revised and updated. The second one is A Dent in the Universe, a collection of business lessons from Steve Jobs that can help you build your own business. The third one is Wisdom of the Ages, a collection of the best quotes for living successfully.

You can now get Motivation Booster for $3.50 (normal price: $8.99), A Dent in the Universe for $2.70 (normal price: $6.99), and Wisdom of the Ages for $1.90 (normal price: $4.99). Or you can get all three of them for $6.90.

Please go through the links above for more information and get each book individually. Or you can click the link below to get all of them right away.

>> Click here to get all three books <<

I hope you enjoy the books. Have a great week!