A Useful Resource for Creating Good Habits

Do you want to know how to create good habits? If you do, my friend Barrie Davenport has just launched a course on it that you might find useful. I rarely recommend a course, but the importance of the topic (habit creation) and the quality of the course makes this one an exception.

Creating positive habits is essential to live an effective life. To give you just one example, I rarely exercised a few years ago. I felt fine back then, but I didn’t realize what I missed. Now that I have made exercise a habit, I can feel the difference it makes. It gives me an energy boost. As a result, I can focus better and get better results than before.

Similarly, you might have some habits that you should create. Knowing how to create them will help you a lot.

What I like about Barrie’s course is its depth. In addition to a lot of materials (in written, audio, and video formats), there is an emphasis on the application of the materials. You’ll work on actually creating a new habit during the course, with a supporting community and other helpful resources.

I think it’s a good way to improve your habit-creation skills. You can check it out and see if it’s for you.

Photo by Abdullah AL-Naser


  1. I agree! It’s extremely important to actually focus on HOW to change your habits. Too many posts on the internet just give vague descriptions on generalized ways to make yourself happy – the thing that separates the great content from the weak is the step-by-step process I find. Imitate, then innovate.

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