Life Optimizer’s New Tagline: Maximizing Personal Effectiveness

I have an announcement to make: Life Optimizer now has a new tagline. It’s the first time I have changed it in years. The tagline used to be Personal Growth and Effectiveness, but now I have changed it to Maximizing Personal Effectiveness.

You might ask: what is the reason behind it?

Well, the main reason is focus. The previous tagline is good, but it contains two messages: personal growth and personal effectiveness. It makes it difficult to remember what Life Optimizer is about since there are two messages.

The new tagline, on the other hand, has only one message: personal effectiveness. That’s what Life Optimizer is about. There is no more confusion. Even sharper, Life Optimizer is about maximizing personal effectiveness. That explains the word “optimize” in “Life Optimizer.”

With this new tagline, I hope to bring a renewed focus here. Our topic is effectiveness, and my mission is helping you live an effective life. What I want to do is maximizing my own personal effectiveness, and sharing the lessons I learn with you.

I hope you like the new tagline.

Thanks for being with me and have a great day!

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  1. Hi Donald,

    I love the new tagline. It paints a clearer vision for your blog. Great work!


  2. Although I liked the old tag, I like the new one even more! 😀

  3. Focus and effectiveness. Both words I love 🙂

  4. Blogs evolve and over time we get a sharper focus on what we’re saying the more we write. This is a good thing and proves that doing really helps us to work things out.

  5. I like it! Good choice Donald.

  6. Me too. I like it.

  7. Veronique Waithira
    Veronique Waithira

    I like it

  8. I like the new tagline. This blog has been a great resource to have and read.


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