A New Version of HabitMaster Is Now Available

HabitMasterHabitMaster, the habit-building app that I develop, has a new version available. This version adds the ability to go to different time periods on the main screen. That way you can easily see how you did your habits on a certain day, week, or month.

Here is how the app would look like on your device (if you read this through an email, you might need to click the “Display Images” link in your email reader first):

There are more screenshots on the App Store page that I link to below. HabitMaster runs on both iPhone and iPad (with auto-sync support), and you will get both of them with a single purchase.

Click here to check out HabitMaster.

I’m excited about this release. Many users have found the app useful and I hope you will too!


  1. Is this compatible with Linux Computers? (Sorry, that sentence sounded rude but I can’t think of a different way to put it)

  2. Is this compatible with command line in BSD operation system?

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