Ask the Readers: What Lessons Have You Learned in 2012?

The year 2012 is coming to a close, so I think it’s a good time to to reflect on what we have learned this year. That will help us prepare ourselves better for 2013.

So I’d like to ask you:

What lessons have you learned in 2012?

Please share your answer in the comments so that we can all learn from each other. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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  1. Hi Donald.
    One lesson I have gotten more practice with in 2012 is in knowing that effort put in always trumps not taking part. Rejection of any form is not even close to as bad as regret that results from wondering how things could have turned out. Rejection is cake compared to regret.
    There are others but I chose that. Hope your 2012 went well

  2. A friend told me this year : “The price of wealth is eternal vigilance”
    When you lost money, that truth strikes a deep cord.

  3. It grieves me to report that I have learned that people who “hate” will stoop to just about any level to lie about and demonize the people and/or things that they feel obligated to hate. They seem to have no shame. And sadly, hate is too often based on misinformation and ignorance… spread by the “haters” who have gone before. War is two people who have been forced by circumstances of their heritage to face one another with the intention of causing serious harm or taking one another’s lives — people who, meeting under other circumstances, would be likely to share friendship and perhaps even brotherly love. And both of the above are too often brought about by the personal ambitions of people whom we are told we should honor and respect. Sorry to contribute what is potentially such a downer. Despite all this, I still believe that the majority of human beings are basically “Good.”

  4. If one really wants something badly, very badly, it comes to you. When one feels all the doors are closed, one door secretly opens. I had given up half way in my higher education and when I wished to continue all the possibilities to continue were lost with only way out to start all over again. But somewhere up there was listening to my prayers and my prayers got answered. I wish to say “never never never give up”. God is listening to us, watching us all the time. Happy New Year

  5. Hi,
    Lessons that I learned from 2012 :-
    1) There is a wonderful sense of emancipation after letting go of regret or bad feelings towards someone else. Life is like a tree, closure of one branch should be interpreted as being directed to searching for a better branch.
    2) Whichever branch of life you may be on, whether it is in your studies, career or relationships, try to take it to higher sub-branches. Fulfillment comes from depth in each area of life. Being too highly interconnected prevents this kind of depth because you are too laterally connected.
    3) In a world that is increasingly connected, expect unexpected behaviour from even the ones closest to you.
    4) Emotional intelligence is hard to find these days, and should be very high on parents priority list.
    5) Inculcate good values and then stay true to them no matter what. At least one day you can look back and say, “I did what was right.”
    6) A constant awareness of God gives direction to aim for something higher, in so doing bringing out better behaviour and lessening the natural pains of life.
    7) Having moved from country to country, I realised the value of being grateful for things that I took for granted that each place had to offer.
    8) Take all these lessons and put them into practise in 2013.

  6. The last 3 years have the biggest issue for me been to find myself a new way of living. I found a new idea, that I in these 3 years have had a burning desire to bring out for a manifest. I have met a lot of obstacles, but my believe in my idea have kept me going on. My result this year was that I suddenly met the right people at the right time, and the right collaborator. Now the first prototype is on the way. Soe my lesson have been to have a continuous energy of believe in my idea and never give up. The result will comes in the end. Happy new year here from Denmark.

  7. 2012 was great, because we continue learning and dedication at all the time at work and home.
    with all this i made a beautiful home for my Peace and Honour.
    Life is continue learning, improving and doing all Honestly.
    Best of Luck to you all during 2013

  8. You can get something for nothing. I built a PC from spare and discarded parts and installed Linux Mint. Works a treat. Repairing and re-using are a good response to a throw-away society and can help us to keep our finances in better health.

  9. As in each year, I learn a plethora of information that either astounds me increases my knowledge or was a waste of time. While this is no sudden revelation, I have reached a point of realizing that there are no honest politicians, even if their original intent was to serve their constituents. That we are willing to spend more money on sporting events, celebrity performances, and unnecessary materialism, than we are for education, health and public services. But the most profound lesson that has made me a sadder person is that we are becoming more divided as a nation than at any time in the history of our country. And while it is not to say the primary cause is the media, it has a powerful impact on our present status, and the future. Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, a lonely nation turns it’s lonely (sad) eyes to you…..

  10. I have learnt that you need to be vigilant to procrastination. Many of us aspire to better ourselves, to grow and develop and enrich our lives and the lives of others. Yet putting things off and continually prioritising activity that brings only short term pleasure can mean a waste of your precious time and a sense of fulfillment.
    Being aware is just the start. You have to just DO whatever you are putting off. Hoping that all readers have a happy and successful 2013 – success means different things to different people – cheers to yours

  11. I have learned that the Universe will hear your call and when you least expect it (except you know its coming(FAITH) It will deliver exactly what you need.
    For me…it was losing my job, one I knew I had to leave but never would. Fired. PERFECTION…and I am living happily ever after, thank you very much.

  12. Keep your calendar full, especially with things you enjoy.

  13. 2012 has been a great year, we are both retired now and I have learned that 2 people can get along being together 24/7. Just looking forward to the next 30 years. I do have a new years resloution for us all Maybe the best New Year’s Resolution you could possibly make is. Before you act, listen. Before you react, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. Before you quit, try. Everyone have a great New Year.

  14. I have learnt that if you think good you will do good.Positivity is the key.Also your fears won’t look big when you start facing them rather running away from them.They can be quite easy to defeat.Never say never and everything is possible.We can always get what we want if we put right efforts in it.
    Happy new year to everybody.

  15. Do not give all of you to anyone, always save yourself for you, You never know when only your inner strength will be the only thing you will have.I learned to be kind to myself and do something only for me. if you are dealing with unaware, unwise people , do not give them more than 2 chances and create a life for yourself. Diamonds you have to get out of the coal mines yourself and faster and with a peaceful plan. Donald thank you for being there for me and lets us create a community here with Donald.

  16. 2012 has been GREAT and 2013 will be even better..Lessons learnt in 2012:
    1. Live your dream/s regardless, of the opinion of others!!!
    2. Be true to yourself!!
    3. Do what you are born to do!!
    4. Listen to your inner voice!
    5. Have no regrets so on your last breath, you will have a SMILE!!!
    May 2013 bring you GREAT HEALTH first, so that you may enjoy EVERYTHING else…

  17. I have learnt that I must be happy with everything I’ve got NOW.I’ve stopped waiting and waiting for happiness,because it didn’t comes from outside,but from inside.This are the happiest days in my life,but nothing really changed visibly in it.I still have the same deficiencies that I already had,but I refuse to be upset by them.
    I also learnt that patience and waiting are not a lack of action,but normally the wisest action.We are not ready for some stuff we usually crave,so waiting is much more wiser than rushing to it,and normally getting hurt in the process.
    I learned that no one can make you happy except youself.Leaning on others for happiness is unfair.
    I learned to accept my solitude,and that meant to me fighting with a lot of ghosts and fears.It made me much more confident and stronger,and also independent of others.
    I think that the great lesson that I take from 2012 is emotional inteligence.Being a more well-rounded person.2012 was a year of great changes to me.I hope that 2013 is even better.Happy New Year to all.

  18. I have learned in 2012 the value and importance of friendship along with the value of patience and understanding. Patience in that things may not occur on your timetable. Understanding that others may have a different point of view or understanding of a mutual situation than my own

  19. I thank you for all the messages you sent to me in the year 2012. I wish you happy and prosperous life in the year 2013 and more. 2012 has gone with a lot of chanlenges which we shall learn from in order to make 2013 better. Continue to send inspiring messages to me and I shall be grateful.

  20. i learned from 2012 different things , but the mot important to don’t care about the people who they are always ignored you becaue they wih to be like you , also to be positive person whatever happens.

  21. I learned in 2012 to know when to let go of whatever or whomever was weighing me down. I’m still learning how to be alone, reminding myself everyday that being by myself is far healthier than being with someone who is incapable of demonstrating love.

    • Im glad you were able to realize that and walk away I unfortunately didn’t realize it until I became an alcoholic. Im better now but point is always walk away from unhealthy relationships, they can ruin you and your psyche.

  22. Be yourself. Nobody can hurt you without your consent. Everyday is a new day and everyday is important.

  23. Be sensitive to life,
    Feel it,
    Let it move slowly

  24. I learnt that success comes with patience. I changed my friends to more positive and progressive friends and it really made a difference in my outlook to life.

  25. time taught me a great lesson , in 2012 i truely learnt how important time is…and how a single second , a single minute id really very very important to us…so i wish everyone could realise the value and impotance of time..

  26. Thanks for sharing, everyone! Glad to learn from all of you. Let’s make this year our best year ever!

  27. Learned a lot about myself and the importance i have as a human beeing

  28. It is wonderful to be happen in 2013 with great gratefullness. Always i want to see life as a wholeness in time wise. The year 2012 or some years before they had shared experiences especially since 2001 which changed everyones view of life. So 2012 left me with so many unresolved personal and community issues in my life. Anyways 2013 hopefully will takencare of. Again a lesson i got from 2012 is nothing exhaustively done in any specific year but keeping up putting more and needed effort to see better result. People wish you happy 2013. Watch the world as it is a home you live in it and a family you care about.

  29. In 2012,i learned that relationship is the most important.

  30. I was so happy that i got a college,and i am a english major now.I wamt to learn it well,and that i could go aborad .I pfactice english everyday so that i could speak english very well .Practice makes perfect!

  31. I learned that some people will believe in your dreams and some won’t but all you need is to believe in yourself.
    Also, those people who are close to you will remain close to you , no matter how far away you are.

  32. I learned not to rely on others for happiness, that true happiness can only be found with in ones self. This is still in practice however, but the lesson has helped.

  33. In 2012, I learned that life is uncertain. In October a tragic accident claimed the life of someone very close to me, which has taught me not to take my life for granted and to make the most of every moment. I am inspired by the things you write about on your blog, and the comments made by your community of followers. I have recently launched my own blog,, which aims to carry the same message as yours to the world: “embrace everything life has to offer and always follow your heart, wherever it may take you”.

  34. my story share,it takes opportunity and action to achive in 2013 let they be action in all areas inorder to achive results

  35. There are many lessons that I have learned in 2012. Some of them took me the whole year to realize what I was doing wrong. My main lesson is to get caffeine out of my every day activities. I developed caffeine induced insomnia because I drank so much caffeine. Not only did I make life style changes in the new year, but I have learned to get more sleep so I won’t be depending on caffeine to keep me going. I stopped drinking heavy amounts of caffeinated beverages. Once a week I will indulge and have some high caffeinated beverages when it’s needed absolutely needed. I don’t drink caffeine in heavy amounts past three in the afternoon so the caffeine can leave my system by the time I need to go to bed. Another lesson that I learned is, no matter what you do your parents will always love you. In June 2011, I started to get tattoos and piercings because I finally had the money and I was of legal age. On November 18th 2012, I accidently pressed the gas pedal on my mom’s car and crashed it into a building. The building wasn’t damaged, just the outer brick that needs to be replaced. I was hysterical and crying, yet my parents still stayed strong for me and were loving and caring throughout the whole ordeal.

  36. I never would have thought I would learned a lesson in 2012. To be honest I thought it would be another year of me promising this year would be different, and I would usually do nothing about it and have a depressing and lame year. Th e end of 2011 wasn’t ending so well for me! its was senior year. My friends were transferring school cause of the cost. So I was losing the ones that met the most to me. I still keep in contact with them but still not having them there wasn’t fun. During that year i met a girl and we were getting closer and closer to each other, but I was afraid she wouldn’t like me if she knew me more. to was drifted apart. I thought 2012 was going to be the beginning of the worse year of my life. I kind of felt alone, but 2012 was a great year for me! It all started to change for me when i went to my schools retreat. it was there when i found a lot in common with other people in my school, I was to shy to talk to other so I just talk to the ones I know. But that change! I made more friends during that retreat. Things were looking good for me but till i felt empty when i thought about that girl i had a chance with but blew it. So during the summer i took the risk of calling her and she answered I decided to go with my gut and ask her out. This is 2013 and she is my girlfriend. The lesson I have learned is no matter how hard life my be things will always get better soon..

  37. I’ve learnt that projects won’t complete themselves, and that small things done consistently lead to great results.

  38. 1)In 2012 I truely learned about the common phrase “you snooze, you lose.” I was very passionate about creating a website to help students exchange books with each other instead of falling victim to the current options. However, I got caught up in insignificant things and someone else created it.
    2) When having a job, never spend like your going to have that job forever. I was splurging and drinking got fired and barely had a few dollars to my name. Lesson of the story is always save nothing is forever.

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