Theme for August 2008 and Monthly Roundup of July 2008

Now we have been in August and our theme this month is Relationships. This theme will cover topics such as overcoming relationships problems, building friendships, and expanding your network.

I also plan some changes this month. First, I will move this site to a new host. It’s because in some occasions this site was down in recent months which would disappoint visitors. During the move, I will temporarily disable comments so that the database won’t change and no data will be lost.

Second, I plan to install a new WordPress theme. I will install it after this site has been moved to the new host. Though the new theme is mostly ready, inevitably it still requires tweaking. So don’t be surprised if some parts of it won’t be fully polished in the beginning.

All right. Let’s now look back at July and see what happened.

Best Posts

In total, there were 16 posts last month of which 11 were related to the monthly theme of Happiness. The most visited posts in July 2008 were:

Guest Posts

There were five guest posts last month:

For Adam, Anand, Stu, Vern, and Flora: thanks!

One Year Before

Looking one year back to July 2007, the most visited posts were:


I’d like to thank these sites for featuring my post in their carnivals: Think Happy Thoughts, Credit Card Lowdown, Pinkblocks, Widow’s Quest, Personal Hack, and The Tall Polly. Also special thanks to Dumb Little Man, Lifehack, and Zen Habits for their mentions of this site.


  1. Can’t wait for the new theme and posts for August! 🙂

  2. I like how you have a one-year back feature. I might do that each month as I look at the most popular post from last month.

    Thanks for the idea and the round-up.


  3. Making a theme for a month, I like that idea! Great post. I hope to make it to the point where I can go back one year in the past of my blog =)

  4. kcato,
    Thanks! To be honest, moving the site and installing a new theme makes me a bit nervous 🙂

    I learned about one-year back feature from Lifehacker. I like it so I decided to adopt it.

    I’m sure you can make it. Perhaps you can even make “10 years ago” column later 😉

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