Eight Random Things About Me

Daniel Sitter from Idea Seller tagged me to provide eight random facts about myself. Since there are quite a lot of new readers in the last few months, I think it’s a good idea to reveal more about myself. I believe that knowing each other is a good way to build relationships, so I hope that this post will somehow help me build better relationship with you (I also love to know more about you!).

So here are eight facts about me:

  1. I used to be a pretty hardcore programmer. Within a few months after I got my first computer (which was an 80386 with 4 MB RAM), I already wrote some arcade and board games. Whenever I learned a new programming language, I tried to first implement it to write games. That being said, it’s been more than two years since I wrote any serious computer program.
  2. Though I love computer, I read personal growth and business books more than computer books. That has been the case for years and that eventually led me to blog in the niche of personal growth.
  3. I love to play guitar, though not very good at it. Whenever I see a guitar around, I would have played it within a few minutes.
  4. I was involved in journalism during my high school and undergraduate years. It was from this experience that I discovered my love of writing.
  5. When I was in junior high school, I joined the Scout movement. Since then, outdoor leadership training has become a favorite activity of mine. Before I took my graduate study in Singapore, I was involved in a youth leadership organization which organizes such training.
  6. One of my most difficult moments in life happened in 2005. At that time, I did my graduate study at a local institute. Despite working very hard on the thesis, it ended up in failure for (what I think are) improper reasons. It gave me a lot of life lessons, and looking back at it, I now feel very grateful for it. If not because of it, it’s highly unlikely that I ever study abroad.
  7. In 2003 I wrote a computer book in Indonesian titled “Practical Guide to Using Linux for Windows Users”. I hope someday I can write an English book, though I don’t think it will be a computer book.
  8. When I was a kid, I loved reading Enid Blyton‘s books. One day when I was in the primary school, I tried to write my own Enid- Blyton-like story which consisted of several pages. It’s been gone for years, but it must be very funny.

There they are, eight random things about me. In the future, I hope to also know more about you 🙂


  1. Hey Donald,

    You have just provided me with the reason why I should join in and respond to meme games – To let my readers know more about me 🙂

    Thank You and I am glad to get to know more about you too!


  2. I’m actually a bit careful about joining meme games, James. I always think about what benefits it may give to the readers. In this case, the benefit is building stronger relationship 🙂

    • Great job Donald! It’s hard to find your passion and run with it. Keep at it! Question…what are “meme games”? You lost me there. Is that chat slang for talking about yourself? Curious. Thanks again!

  3. Hey Donald,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    It was exactly the same concern that I have not joined any meme games except for 1 from a good friend 🙂

    When I could not quite figure out how it would benefit my readers, I just could not pen out the post no matter how hard I tried.


  4. halo om donal ternyata orang indonesia yah, wah shock juga pas tau.
    websitenya bagus sekali, saya tidak mengira yang punya orang kita juga.

  5. Thanks, jo. Glad to meet a fellow Indonesian here 🙂

  6. Hi Donald!

    I stumbled across your blog recently and just love it! Everything you write is full of insight and great ideas. Keep it up – you are really helping to enhance the lives of others.


  7. Hi Kirstin! Thanks for the kind words 🙂 I wish all the best for you.

  8. Hi,
    I chanced upon your blog on a google search “how to train your mind” and have been hooked onto it since then. I like your presentation style a lot and your ideas highly convincing. You are doing a great job through this blog, so keep it up.


  9. monique Avakian
    monique Avakian

    Hi, Donald! Wow, you have immense talent for this medium and that’s why you are so successful. I am looking forward to reading more over the coming months. Your headlines are excellent and the way you write is encouraging, no-nonsense and succinct. I am noticing, however, that your proofreading for English grammar is very strong in the content area, but not so strong in the personal info area. Just noticing. It doesn’t bother me at all, but it is an inconsistency between pages in your blog.

    I think what you are doing is great! Maybe you could post a short video of you playing guitar along with a short article on the healing aspects of playing music. Neuroscience in the last 10 years is showing amazing things about healing, music and the brain.

    Keep up the great work! This is really one of the best written blogs I’ve ever seen!

  10. Hi Monique,
    Glad to know you 🙂 And thanks for the encouraging words! I appreciate your specific feedback about different aspects of the blog.
    I wasn’t aware of the inconsistency you mention. But now that you tell me about it, I’ll take time to go through the personal info area to improve the grammar. Regarding the video, I’m not that good of a player and I know practically nothing about music. I think there are some other people better for that 🙂

  11. Hi Donald,
    great blog and very useful articles..
    I am sure of that I will spend much more time reading your articles next days..
    Greetings from Turkey..

    • hi donald,u such amazing and u make mi to realise that i have to do life planning but how do i start

  12. Hi Emre,
    Glad you like the site! Greetings from Indonesia 🙂

  13. Hi! Its been great reading your posts. Is the youth organization by any chance AIESEC?

  14. Hi Henna,
    Thanks! No, the youth organization is not AIESEC. It’s a local organization in Indonesia.

  15. Really nice blog . As technical person, you have used idea of computer sc in human life. Its really very great work.

    Specially your presentation skills are very appreciable and may be i am looking for such type of blog and now i catch it.

    Anyway nice work & hope for your bright future & give more innovative ideas such way.

  16. Hi Donald,

    I came across your blog and thought we should connect. I live in Los Angeles and but do business in Singapore and Indonesia. I write success stories like this one http://www.networkingtimes.com/isolates/page.phtml?article_id=5646797
    I sent you a FB friends request.

  17. Hi Brother Donald,

    I never know it before that you as my former lecturer also have a very good skill in writing. I’ll visit your blog whenever I’ve time. Very inspiring blog !

    I also agree with you, we must live our fullest life, to be all we can be. I’m still on my way to be my best. Keep learn and keep grow !

  18. Dear Donald,

    As an Indonesian, I am grateful to found you here. Keep up your good intention. I have created a page also in facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lifelearners

    Please have a look and let me know if you have some ideas over there..thanks 🙂

  19. mastah i must learn to you about how to get many visitor and get pr 5. Nice to meet you again.

  20. Are you a believer in Jesus? I am just curious. I am impressed with the level of writing, as you seem young

  21. I found this page because someone give me the link, and I am surprised that the writer is Indonesian. who could have thought that. I believe your writing has inspired many people. keep on the spirit. God bless! 🙂

  22. Hi Donald!

    This is such a great blog! I came across your blog when I was searching for other stuff on google. It’s really helpful and thought inspiring considering all the effort you’ve put in it.
    So all the best and keep up the good work!


  23. Hi Don,

    I came across your blog by accident while searching for “Wisdom of the Ages.”

    You surprised me since your English does not sound “Indonesian” 🙂

    I am a book addict, especially on self-improvement. Are you familiar with Orison Swett Marden? Your “Optimizer” theme reminds me of Dr. Ron Jenson’s “Life Maximizer.”
    Do check on his “Make a Life, Not Just a Living.”

    My other passion is classical sacred vocal music (particularly tenor solos).

    I’d love to get your tips on Learning Linux but my software knowledge is next to nil.
    On the other hand, I have worked with PC hardware for the last 25 years.

    Hope to learn more from you in the days ahead.

    Alf Zay

  24. Celina Rodriguez
    Celina Rodriguez

    Hi Don! I have been enjoying your blog! I recently returned from 8 months traveling the world (and a lovely month in Indonesia!) and have been inspired to keep the spirit of travel, adventure, and photography going through a blog I started about challenging yourself to try something new everyday for a year. As someone new to the blogging world, I wonder if you have any advice for a new-comer like me? Any reply back would mean the world to me! Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Celina, glad to get to know you! That’s a great idea you have. I like it.

      My advice is to be persistent, because it will take time (could be years) to build an audience. Having a mission in mind will make it easier for you to stay for the long term. I’ve been blogging here for seven years 🙂

      I wish all the best for you and your blog. Good luck!

  25. Hi Don, I stumbled upon your blog after seeing it on a top 100 list of self-improvement sites. I come from Malaysia and write about optimization too.

    Really happy to see someone so close to home doing great on the Internet. Keep up the good work and all the best ahead!

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