Thing to Avoid: Closing Doors of Possibilities by Killing Curiosity

I sometimes meet people who say that the topics I talk about is “boring”. In such occasions, sometimes I can’t believe what they say that I ask them to repeat it just to ensure that I hear it correctly .

Why is it hard for me to believe it? Is it because I really love the topics that I can’t believe others don’t? Is it because I’m too involved in the topics that I can no longer see it from others’ perspective? At first, I thought that is the case, but after thinking about it for a while, I realized that it isn’t. The real reason why I can’t believe what they say is this:

I never say any topic boring myself.

“Boring” is not in my vocabulary, and that’s why I sometimes get surprised when someone says so. Even for topics which are not in my main areas of interest, I never put the word “boring” on them. I deeply believe that there are always something interesting in each topic. Just mention to me any topic, and I will always think of interesting things it may have. I’m always curious and look for new possibilities.

I learn something here:

Saying that a topic is boring is killing curiosity.

Saying that a topic is boring, even if you just say it in your mind, implies that you have lost any interest in it. There’s no way you will explore it further. On the other hand, if you are curious you will never say that a topic is boring. Instead, you will look at the positive side. You will always seek for something interesting, and you believe that there is something interesting.

Why is it important to be curious? Because:

Curiosity is the door to new possibilities.

Being curious means that you are hungry to learn something new and absorb new knowledge. This will allow you to see new possibilities. You will see opportunities overlooked by others, and that will put you ahead of the game.

So it’s important not to kill your curiosity by saying that something is boring, even if you just say it in your mind. Just remember:

Whenever you say that something is boring, you have closed one more door of possibilities.


  1. Probably a reason for people “declaring” somehting as boring is just a method to “solve” the information overflow problem.

    I definitely think like you – everything is interesting and in whatever realm you work you can gain something looking around what is done in other realms.

    The only problem is that we cannot look at everything – we have to set priorities.

    I imagine that one who isn’t aware of that probably labels something as “boring” if someone just put that on a very low priority. – Just an idea…

  2. You are right Martin, that is a possibility. They do not want to pay attention to something (because it’s on a very low priority), so they just label it as “boring” so that they have a “reason” not to pay attention to it.

    In my case though, I won’t label something with low priority as boring. It’s as if I decide to put it on low priority forever. Rather, I’d say that “It’s interesting, but I don’t have time now”. This way, while it’s currently on low priority, it may someday move to higher priority.

    But of course, everyone has different way to express his/her opinions. What you said is definitely a possibility. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good point of view, Donald.

    I have no problem saying I’m not interested in something. That allows me to focus on what I am interested in, and allows me to come back later if I wish when I am interested in it. That puts the judgement in me.

    To say something is boring makes a judgement about the subject. You make your evaluation a property of the subject. As you say, this closes the door to further interest and possibilities in your life.

  4. hmmm, I do find certain topics or subjects boring – simply because I have no interest (at that point of time) in it. Or that I simply have no time for it at the moment. Or I don’t understand it at all. Or whether I have a need to know it.

    So I guess it depends on our perspective at that point of evaluation. Just 2 or 3 year ago, I would have considered blogging to be a boring hobby. 🙂


  5. Rick,
    A very insightful thought! I never saw it that way before, but you are right. Where we place the judgment does make a difference. As long as we do not make a judgment about the property of the subject, the door is still open.

    I think your profile fits Martin’s description then. You say that something is boring simply because it currently has low priority, not that you don’t want to deal with it forever. This way the door of possibilities is still open.

  6. Yes. “Curiosity is the door to new possibilities.” If we labelled something boring, we will lose a chance to explore this possiblity. Of course if we are busy, we can explore it at later. But we should not eliminate possibility.

  7. Honman,
    I agree, the most important thing is keeping the door of possibilities open. Who knows what value we can get from it in the future.

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  10. I am impressed with the level of thought and interest that you have put into what you write! These life skills are things that my family and myself will benefit from! Thank You for your hard work you have definitely fed my curiosity!

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