Focus – Your Key to Successful New Year Resolution

Time runs so fast, and suddenly it’s another December 31. As with many other people, the end of the year is the perfect time for me to review my life. I review how my life has done this year and make my plan for the coming year. I review whether or not I can meet my goals for the current year and then set new goals for the coming year.

I’ve made yearly goals since 2004 (which I made at the end of 2003), and continue making yearly goals until today. However, at the end of 2005, when I reviewed my goals for that year, I noticed one annoying thing: none of my goals for that year was achieved! Even more annoying was the fact that it also happened the previous year: none of my 2004 goals was achieved either.

New YearThe fact that I had spent two years with none of my goals achieved really bothered me. How could that be? This is especially bothersome because I always considered myself a goal-oriented person. I spent most of my time achieving some goals. With that in mind, at least one or two of my yearly goals should have been achieved, right? How could it be that none of them was achieved two years in a row? There must be something wrong here.

Then I looked back at my 2004 and 2005 goals. I had four goals for 2004 and another four for 2005. Could it be that four goals was too many? Reflecting what had happened, I realized that was the answer.

Though four seemed few at the beginning, it turned out that I needed much more effort to achieve any of them. I just could not do the amount of effort required to achieve a goal if I had too many goals. So I concluded that I had missed something very important for two years and that was focus.

Realizing this fact, I decided to have only two goals for 2006 and focused my effort to achieve them. I didn’t want to put my effort to too many things; two was enough.

Now at the end of this year, I can report to you that out of 2 my score is … 1.5. I half-achieve my first goal, and fully achieve my second goal. I know it’s not perfect (it should be 2), but hey, after scoring zero for two years, that’s quite a progress, right?

Learning from this experience, I decide to also have at most two goals for 2007. I will focus my effort next year just to achieve these two goals.

I urge you to do the same thing. Don’t make too many goals. Just make one or two, but focus on them. Focus your mind and focus your effort. With focus, I’m sure that next year will be a successful journey for you.

Happy New Year!

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  2. I know this post is really old, but I just wanted to mention that I don’t think having fewer goals is the best solution, at least not for everyone. Just don’t make the goals annual. Make short-term goals that are achievable, but also keep a list of long-term goals and don’t set a time frame. That way, there can be no disappointment if you don’t accomplish them by a certain time.

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