The Best Time to Get Your Learning Resources

In my post yesterday, I wrote about four skills that you might want to learn this year: writing, public speaking, coding, and online marketing. I also gave you some resources there including some courses.

What I forgot to mention is that now is the best time to get those courses. Why? Because Udemy is running a massive New Year’s sale of its courses. For instance, you can get a $200 course for just $10! That’s a huge discount and I’ve used it to buy some courses myself.

If you want to get just one course, here is my recommendation:

The Complete Digital Marketing Course

This course will teach you online marketing skills that I believe can open new opportunities for you.

In addition, there are many other interesting courses on just about every topic imaginable.

Click here to browse the courses. Happy learning!


  1. Thanks a lot for the tip Donald.

  2. I always buy courses from Udemy, It’s worth any cent you pay , Just I focus on my passion then search for top rated course and buy .

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