Ask the Readers: What Lessons Have You Learned in 2014?

We have now reached the end of 2014 and will soon enter 2015.

As always, the end of the year is a good time to reflect on the lessons we have learned this year. So I’d like to ask you:

What lessons have you learned in 2014?

Please leave your answer in the comments so that everyone can read it.

Thanks for being with me in 2014 and Happy New Year!


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  1. Focus and action both are required to achieve what you dream of…
    Happy new year to u Donald and blog readers…

  2. there r so many things ive learnt throughout 2014. the bittersweet in life that i have never expected came in between.
    amongst things ive learnt are
    i hve to work hard to get the best thing in life.
    i have to be patience because not all things are meeting my expectations.

  3. Staying in touch with family and close friends

  4. I’ve learned that it is never too late to be what I might have been. It is very exciting when I met someone who eager to show me how to do something right, what I have to do according to my talent that I never realize that I have it.

  5. With every good comes bad and with every bad comes good…

  6. I have to agree with Swapnil… Focus and action on what you want. The journey i’ve been on was not the ‘linear’ path I thought it would be, but everything is working so well in my favour because of focus, grit, and pure determination.

  7. Be Positive and remain focused on your goal

  8. Not to be with a cheater or with someone who lies to you

  9. fathin nur'afina Hishamuddin
    fathin nur'afina Hishamuddin

    I have to learn and know myself better! So that i can improve my life and also giving something to the society.

  10. Technically: Dojo toolkit, Slim microframework, RESTful API, Qlikview BI Tools (and still ongoing – updates, updates, and updates)… And the greatest lesson is: New life – marriage life… Time management is essential, so does relationship management (keep both aspects in harmony – not only with husband/wife, but with friends and families too)

  11. Thanks for sharing, everyone! I learn from your answers.
    I wish you a great 2015!

  12. 2014 was a trying year for me but through it all I learnt that what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. I am now more excited about 2015 as this year is my year to flourish and thrive again.

  13. I’ve learnt a lot through taking a big break from office life. It’s given time for focusing on tasks like reroofing my summer house. I think I started to understand the idea of being in the moment and getting into a Zen likfe focus as I nailed each each tile downn.

  14. I’ve been thinking about the past year and the one to come, along with lots of people I would assume. It was not a new lesson but I was reminded that sometimes we have to move forward on new actions or challenges even if the fear threatens to overwhelm us. I closed my private practice at the end of the year and it was excruciatingly difficult in many ways and I’d feel fear rising up but I persevered and now I feel like a bird that was released from a cage. I’m soaring.

  15. I’ve learned that my lifelong battle with procrastination was all a waste of time, and that procrastination should be used as a visceral check to let you know what NOT to spend your time doing, and do something completely different. Once I stopped fighting, stopped buying books that promised to cure me in 30 days, or 7 minutes or whatever, and I decided to build my business doing what I genuinely enjoyed, things got super easy.

    I’m now writing my 4th book on Kindle format, am building a business and helping others with theirs, eating well, training again, it’s all good.

    I focus on micro decisions and choices rathet than long term lofty goals.

    I’ve learned a lot, but it took me 46 years to get there.

  16. I’ve learned to keep it simple, and that the best things in life don’t cost anything at all but are the ones most priceless. I learned that by becoming a minimalist that my things don’t own me, and I’ve found more personal freedom by getting rid of everything I thought I had to have to feel fulfilled. I learned that I can do anything I set my mind to, and the only limiter is myself.

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