30 Simple Ways to Enjoy Life

Do you want to live a happy life? If you say yes like most people do, then it’s important to learn to enjoy life. Some people may think that they can only enjoy life when they already have a lot of money or have a successful career. But that’s not true. You can enjoy your life where you are with what you already have. You can enjoy your life now.

Here I will share with you how to enjoy life. But before that, I’d like to share two tips that are essential to live a happy life. The first one is to be grateful. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is. No matter how many pleasant things you do, if you don’t learn to be grateful you will always see things negatively.

The second one is to slow down. Life has a lot of simple things you can enjoy. But if you move too fast you will overlook most of them. So don’t be in a hurry. Don’t move too quick. Slow down and pay attention to the world around you. Most of the ways I’m about to share will work well only if you slow down.

With those two tips in mind, here are 30 ways to enjoy life. Pick the ones that work for you.

  1. Enjoy your meal. Don’t just eat. Taste it and appreciate its richness.
  2. Learn to cook.
  3. Feel music and not just listen to it.
  4. Play music. More than just listening, playing music allows you to express yourself.
  5. Sing.
  6. Gather with old friends.
  7. Take a walk in the park.
  8. Go hiking.
  9. Read a novel.
  10. Find and watch a movie you like. IMDB‘s recommendation engine can help you find movies you may like.
  11. Give yourself a lazy day.
  12. Play board games with your friends.
  13. Have a candle-light dinner with your spouse.
  14. Play mini games.
  15. Read comics.
  16. See beautiful pictures.
  17. Read inspiring quotes.
  18. Learn to paint.
  19. Read a classic book.
  20. Exercise with friends.
  21. Watch funny videos.
  22. Play with kids.
  23. Play a mind game.
  24. Have a cup of coffee.
  25. Get a massage.
  26. Go to a museum.
  27. Go to a theater.
  28. Watch sunrise.
  29. Take pictures.
  30. Browse your photo album for your treasured memories.

I’m sure there are still a lot of other ways to enjoy life. What is your favorite way to enjoy life?


  1. Great list, Donald! I like all those! I’d add to it:
    31. Stretch
    32. Take a hot bath
    33. Dance
    34. Give a massage
    35. Daydream
    36. Diary
    37. Read poems
    38. Write poems
    39. Tell jokes
    40. Watch the sun set : )

  2. Donald – Another nice new quotes page is Tina Su’s empoweredquotes.com, one of my new favorite sites.
    In addition to the IMDB recommendation engine, I like to use Netflix and Amazon =)
    Hiking and walks in the park are absolutely underrated. Whenever I can motivate myself to actually go hiking, I end up being very glad I did.

  3. Shanel,
    Nice suggestions! I like your suggestions especially read poems and write poems.
    Thanks for the information about empoweredquotes, Netflix, and Amazon. I also agree that hiking and walks in the park are underrated.

  4. Great post!!
    I love #3… feeling music is incredibly fulfilling, and takes listening to an entirely new level. On that note, I would add: #41- dance!
    and a few more:
    42. spend time with puppies and/or other wonderful pets
    43. Do something for someone else (anything- giving for no other reason that you want to is always fulfilling!)

  5. Simple and wonderful post…………….I am gonna cook and eat this weekend.

  6. I totally agree with your first two and the rest. Gratitude is one thing we teach our clients. If you want to live a better life start with being grateful what you currently have.

  7. Simply a great post.
    One of my favorite quote is “Some pursue happiness, others create it.”. And I think it’s so true.
    I would love to add some of these inspirational tips to my blog @ http://i-feel-happy.blogspot.com/

  8. Play or Learn Guitar!

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  10. […] Latumahina presents 30 Simple Ways to Enjoy Life posted at Life […]

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  16. […] money or certain level of success to be happy. You can be happy right now with what you have. Read 30 Simple Ways to Enjoy Life for some ideas on how to enjoy […]

  17. i think we should also add “travel different cities, if possible countries. observe various cultures, food, architecture.”

  18. Very nice article. If you have interests, you’ll have an interesting–and thus enjoyable–life.
    The problem comes when people can’t find an interest, and therefore feel bored or feel that life has no meaning. You can give them that list of things to do, but you can’t make them want to do any of those things. They have to want to do them. Thus I wonder if the column is preaching to the already converted, at least a little.

    • I agree with this 100% Most people that are enjoying their life wouldn’t be looking for ways to enjoy their life… but apparently they have..?? All I know is that you worded what I was thinking much better than I could have:)Way to give some perspective!!

  19. Harshit Singhal
    Harshit Singhal

    Earn money and spend it !

  20. This are some of my favourites
    – have a dance party with friends and music you like, i like this one cause you feel comepletely free.
    – go sky diving 😀
    – go buy new cloths you really like, and wear them the next day.
    – get a dog, i would recommend a labradoodle, they’re the ideal dogs!
    – Get a boyfriend
    – Get an idol, some of them are really good rol models, and you can learn from them how to enjoy your life, mine is gerard way.
    he’s a really good roll model.
    that was it , enjoy 😉

  21. life is a, if u doing business or any kind of work then it will be good ya beautiful if no thing to do so boor so that work hard on our life then enjoy fully & happy with all off.

  22. Thanks for the list.. I’m one of those who lives bored and does not want to do anything… I really don’t know how to enjoy my life and it has always being this way. If I look back, i see i have done noting with my life. but i think the list is a good start. I’m not one of the converted people, but i hope i will soon. it takes a lot of mental effort and determination to force myself doing sth… because i just dont want to do anything. I think I am depressed, but if I dont help myself finding a way out.. how will i end up? I’m young… I want to be successful, and have a successful career too because that has always being my goal.. That’s also a way to thank my mother for everything she has done for me… and to make her feel proud of me. Thank you guys.

  23. Nice, interesting list. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately for me, I have tried most of these ideas and regularly do things like appreciating food, music and nature, but I still can’t enjoy life, despite my knowing that it is good. Gotta love depression!

  24. This is mindblowing,since 3 years I have been trying to identify ways to enjoy and i found 18 of them already on my own, i used to write all the points in a book . and iam wondered to see these here. the second tip is really my way.
    im happy to read this article

  25. Hi Donald,
    You sure gathered an important set of ways to enjoy life (more often).. On the site below a few (amateur) philosophers gathered around this very same subject. You (and all others) are very welcome to comment on this page:

  26. I Enjoy Wiht my Meal and i am not jst eat i Enjoy With FOOD
    I like to Cook
    I like to Sit with Friend in the Night time
    and i like to Enjoy with my spouse
    But i’ll Tell you one think Money is not Evey Think in the life you will get the money Easily, But can not get to Most beautiful Movement in your life

  27. while reading the 30 days to enjoy life ..i was smiling because i’ve done almost all of this..now i can say im a happy person…
    I enjoy life by being grateful with what i have ..they say content makes the poor man rich uncontent makes the richman poor..enjoy and share what you have. live simply and always be happy..first thing you need to do before getting out of bed is to PRAY.i always thank God for giving me such a wonderful life and i always ask for guidance so that i can make the best decision making through out the day, second, never forget to greet the first person you meet a “good morning ” with a smile..it will not only make you happy ..it will also make the person you greet Happy…before eating your breakfast say thanks to God for the food .and before getting out of your house think Positive , that you’ll enjoy the day..whatever problems you had for the day that you weren’t able to solve leave it outside your house ,enjoy your dinner and before you sleep talk to God again ang thank him for giving you a wonderful day,,mention to him the things you’ve encountered and leave it unto Him He will Guide and help you solve it the next day.

  28. oh! wat a great job done! congrats for the work who have done it… everything is not just a phrase it has a deep mening with it. thank u guy/gal for giving us such a beautiful tips…… my greatest policy is to ” ENJOY THE LIFE TO THE FULLEST”. Thank u once again…

  29. When we have the peace of mind then we can enjoy only.
    No matter you have money or feel grateful in life.
    Because there are some circumstances which you can not enjoy your life.
    ” brings calmness and tranquility into your mind and life. You can have peaceful life and you can enjoy your life”
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ritesh Thakur

  30. all of the 30 ways are the best to enjoy and feel thetrueness of life………..
    care on & TAKE CARE/.///

  31. I found the tips so opening my eyes and showing me what the world has hold for me to enjoy life. I mean young as i am, sometimes i found myself depressed and feeling very down… With these tips for sure i find the reason to enjoy. I am greatful with what i have.

  32. money is such factor of happy life that is not ignorable or can give less importance. so for the enjoyment of life, method of HOw HANDLE MONEY EFFICIENTLY will be the effcetive.
    Alcohol: does it makes happy by its use . if yes, how ? does it makes happy by not its use? how ? let us make a discusion.

  33. arvind singh rawat
    arvind singh rawat

    I feel the life has become a race though everybody has heard story of hare and trotoise , it is difficult to understand why we always behave like hare . We are aware that tortoise won the race but alas we never take a lesson.In life we tend to overlook many incidents which have given us joy, but we tendto remember bad days forever.

  34. this is pretty good. I think I need to be more grateful, cuz I’m pessimistic and angry that my life isn’t as good as it should be. I’m young and I act as if I have nothing to live for hopefully I can change that. And music is about the only other thing I really enjoy wish I could play the guitar

  35. do something for the world…just before suiciding think of the things you used in your life- Your car,tooth paste, soap etc …these are made by our fellows..for the welfare of us….We should also do something for the welfare of human.
    The world requires u.
    Think of the global warming.No scientist can singly handle it.BUT each of us can make change by reducing co2 emission. The world is in your hands……….
    Be responsible…
    Live as if u are a going to die next day………….

  36. I love to live life to it’s fulles.

  37. I liked the suggestions nd the comments. They are good nd wounderful. But before all of that you have to belive in God nd to pray sincerely.

  38. I would a lot of info on make my life better

  39. […] sure there are still a lot of other ways to enjoy life. What is your favorite way to enjoy life? How to Enjoy Life – 30 Ways The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in […]

  40. you know what guys….? the best for me are; 1. to take a very deep breath and feel the life oxigen inside your lungs. ( best known for people with breathing dificulties) 2. to feel that people love me. 3. to see people around me finding and enjoying my smile 4. to make people happy around me 5. to see the relief on people’s faces that you just helped 5. to enjoy relaxed how strong i was when i was in trouble and how well i went through to find a solution 6. my mums proud face 7. feel protected 8. the wind refreshing my face 8. to feel very cold! and get quick but with careful under my duvet and hug my warm and beautiful wife 9. to shout very loud!!! 10. and the last one but as important as the first one…..TO IMAGINE YOU”š READING MY WORDS WITH A BIG SMILE* thank you for make it real.

  41. they are very good advices and i will
    use them for my topic

  42. This list has helped me a lot. I’m a young kid, and I was always taught that money comes first, but i think too much and I said to myself, if the point of making money is to have a good future, and we can’t live in the future, why not live in the moment? And, for that matter why live at all? There is no purpose to life on earth? No, i’m not suicidal. If anything my discovery has brought me to be a better person. I have been searching for the reason for life though… and then something hit me. We all have to do things we don’t want to. That’s just life. But why? Why not live to be the happiest person ever? For example, no one likes to have to visit the dentist twice a year. Therefor why dont we all stop doing that? Maybe our teeth will turn ugly and perhaps rot away but if it was that bad, we would visit the dentist again and enjoy it this time! If us humans all do this we can live a better life so easily. Tell me what you think!

    • I’m also a “young kid” (16), and I think your philosophies are intelligent far beyond your age 🙂

  43. great post Guys…
    I asked for permission to copy it

  44. #22 is our favorite, and we would add – go to a playground. It inspires creativity and imagination!

  45. I was angry and upset when I opened. Now im smiling and satisfied don’t know why!

  46. i also beleive that money is important but not
    the most important thing in life.
    the most important thing in my opinion is “to make the most of it” to enjoy the “little” things that life offer us- to make things you like the best
    to travel as much as you can; to make friends
    “to go with your feelings”.

  47. i am bored with life although i have interesting family and friends i still get bored and lonely.


  48. wow this has been really helpful… There have been times when I do need to di-stress myself from the world.
    – Linda

    • I don’t even time to enjoy my life. I’m living a mechanical life office – home that’s it.
      Saturday is also a working day.
      Sunday almost wasted in bet.
      HELP ME

      • Boss, life is very little just 36500 days only even you live for 100 years be enjoy the life, nothing is serious. there is only to things possible 1) Happen and 2) Not happen. You cannot stop any happen thing like that you cannot do the non-happen things. Be cool and call me when u feel stress in life.

    • Thts right it helped me too

      • Thank you.
        Could you please help me practically.

        • Mr. Gautam,
          How can I help you? Life is too small to worry about lil’ things. Just stay cool and let things happen the way it goes. Besides, put your 100% efforts. Rest, leave it whatever happens.
          Practically, just go to your terrace and look at the sky and the stars.. u will realise how small we are and how minute our problems are.. in this entire big galaxy. We seem to be negligible. We work to earn a livelihood. Why not work happy then? Cheers.. Mr. Gautam!

  49. i dont know how to enjoy the life.help me.i am always stressed

    • Dude.. just get a life for your self.. take things easy! don’t think that life is stressful… dont get marry soon and make lots of babies.. simply.. get a life for your self.

    • Hey health is wealth.At the end of the day u must be able to have a sound sleep without taking tension of the world.calm down slow down take some time to reflect.pamper yourself spoil yourself for a day and try learning something new.All the best dude.Your stress is not worth your health.

  50. I am 27 M in chennai with some average setteled. But i feel bore at home . Right now i am not in job .I was good enough in thees many days .I was suffered for enjoyment . i want to know how to go on in my youth life .Iam ready to spend money but i donk drink at all ,there should be some other enjoyment . my only way of enjoying is watching New movie on very first day. But i need some intresting one to enjoy . I should not feel as a looser of my youth life. can some body give me a tips for it.

    • I am 20 I work and study. I have little friends and I don’t drink at all.
      And plus i work weekends! so no use to catching up with friends. etc.
      I get sad too mostly. But you can play some music, listen to your favourite songs. Clean the house. read a book, learn new skills from the library or online. Buy some home decor, make yourself enjoy your own home. Cook some desserts, invite your friends here for party dinner. Join a day tour on your surroudning cities. Go to the beach. Go to a pool go exercise!

    • hello ahmed i am pandi 23 yrs old , i have tips for u ahmed.ur Njoyment r near for u how wait,u want like just frnd plz choose a best nd lovable frnd ,share anything for ur frnd because that’s only very very happy for all k.next u solve some our family problem r others problem.u have always tension free k. LIFE IS YOURS ENJOY………..:)

    • bernardita fundal
      bernardita fundal

      visit to philipines injoy your life to spend beutiful beach boracay in the philipines.. im sure you will be happy simple life no stress

    • Frank Santomauro
      Frank Santomauro

      Get married, but be absolutey sure that both of you love each other.
      Love can make us very happy. Having children is indeed a great blessing.

    • You need a friend like me.
      You should lose something to get something. Try winning but not everything is to win.

  51. I would also like to add the most important thing u can do to enjoy life is have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Well for me of course, nuthing beats that 🙂

  52. I enjoy reading newspaper, cooking, gardening, listening to music.

  53. Thanks a lot

  54. Great! Yes, a life is a great! The thing you describe where you are, what you are doing when you are doing and how you are enjoying…. It does matter every second when my time and life enjoying being the Emergency Medicine Physician.
    Every second is important to diagnose the problem and treat the problem and … you know when it cure and make happy to some one you feel also so happy and enjoy the life. I am feeling the life is precious. Therefore, each and every second you must enjoy the life even when you have to cry with pain and all the pain that we can see someone but we can’t make life cure and diseased such that we can’t cure at all with present medicines and equipments.
    Therefore, let’s enjoy your life wherever you are, whatever you doing, whenever you doing and however you live with hard busy work earning a money and spending it, try to learn enjoying and you will and will definitely enjoy the life.

  55. I am very possessive with my husband. i am unable to tolerate if he talks to a girl or even with his family members. we crossed 12 years of married life. He is not understanding my feeling. he always hurts me with filthy words. I too realize that i am over possessive, i should reduce. i tried over years. but its growing, not seducing. so many times i feel depressed. we have 2 kids. i am unable to concentrate in my work and studies also. pls pls pls help me………………..

    • Hai divya i clearly unterstand ur problem mam……..i send one life story for ur mail ,that’s story was read nd ur problem solving answers r there k.plz send ur mail address for this mail mam(pandimuthu691@gmail.com)i will send…………..LIFE GOOD

  56. Think your husband is a ordinary human boy with his own interests and a child who seeks small pleasures in life . The mere thing that you had married him should not be an obstacle for him in enjoying life provided he doesnt cross the limit . Concentrate no novels that touches the minute feelings of life ,atleast feel for the poor, have nots and destitutes even if you are not able to help them .this way you can divert your obsessive arrogance towards your husband and lead a peaceful life _regards madam

  57. I just hate my life. I think it’s boring and when I bought something, next day I want more and more and more. I’m BORED everyday but I don’t know why?? All of my friends are so happy..

    • Have you tried finding something you like and do it often?! haha. That’s what i do, i want to make a better place for the poor and thats why i started my project! oh. and hopefully do it with someone that has the same passion as you. it will be fun!

    • hi ,i somwhat feel we had been jus where we are who we are d same as ytd.

  58. I like this article very much. It gives me a great motivation to enjoy life. I try to apply what you have already written through this blog, Thanks a lot.

  59. I work all the time and i travel for my job. im 27 and im doing okay, but i worked hard to get where i am. as glad as i am to be doing better than most of my high school friends, i noticed that im also not as happy as them. i have a beautiful girlfriend, a good future ahead (financial wise) and i do play music, read, and write stories and articles. i am never satisfied tho and always feel that i need to be productive. i would love to just zone out, enjoy my tv show or book and not always worry about everything else i need to do in life. im worried that if i dont think constantly about everything i feel i need to do to continue being successful that ill lose focus and not do so well anymore. but im tired of stressing and making tons of lists all the time and not enjoying the moment cause im thinking about the future all the time. any tips for a busy and ocd man like myself on how to just do what i gotta do and enjoy the moments without stressing about what obligations i have to do next?

    • hi..i know you wrote this a year ago…but i just read the article today. are you still there?

  60. Yes sometimes we need gentle reminders of how to enjoy our life..

    • I work monday to saturday 8 AM to 6 PM, feels no time to get relax and fun herghh…i know i can find another better job with more time to free, but the problem is, no place can give me money as much as this place, i can buy what i want “”sure not allll” but for me its more than enough, but sometimes i feel i have it but i dont have time to enjoy it????? so its a big dilema, i want have a good money with more free time, how?????

  61. I do some of it most of the times when Im so depressed, but only makes me happy for a while, it doesn’t cure the inner hunger.

  62. i feel really lost inside because when i graduated high school all my friends got married young and had children and then 5 years down the road they have nice houses and cars and everything is great. some went to college and some didnt and yet all of them are successful. i dropped out of college not knowing what to major in and so i worked in and out of factories for 12 years. i never made more than $15 dollars and yet i worked very hard at my job lifting and producing for the company. 12 hr days roll by and i have no way out. i dont make enough to save anything and get back to school. i work all the time so i come home tired and have to sleep to get prepared for the next day. i pray to god and ask him to send me a girlfriend and i ask girls out and they reject me constantly and i dont know what to do anymore. without money, love, or a god that answers prayers what do i do? how can i be happy constantly striving for things when the doors are closed? im 30 years old and i want to live and be happy like all my friends were and are starting when they were 20. why did it all come to them and for 12 years now they have enjoyed success and love and for me i recieved nothing? i worked just as hard as them and i chased love down just as much and yet no decent results? do i have another 30 years left of wasting my days working my life away and getting nowhere? does anyone else feel like i do? has any guy or girl out there been where i am at or have had the same life? i feel like giving up and all i wanted was a simple happy life. how much more effort do i have to put out to get what i want…simply put..LOVE!

    • Hi John , how are you now? after 8 months, did anything change for you?

    • Rahmat Syahid Suraya
      Rahmat Syahid Suraya

      I also feel not enjoy my self anymore, because I want to study abroad but the administration are reject me, and my friend mostly has study abroad. And also I want to meet a girlfriend because my friends has a girlfriend and they laugh at me because I’m still single, and I feel that I don’t have a friend anymore. I still don’t have a girlfriend because I want to find someone that feels right, even my friend think I’m quite handsome to find a girl. I’m just spending day by day alone and feeling such a mess between my study and find a truly love.

    • Are you ugly, John? Just checking.

  63. another thing i want to know from another persons opinion is this. does anyone else feel like this life is extremely awkward and that you just dont fit in? you go through life and all the beautiful people judge you and youth is gone so quickly and here you were 18 yesterday and not that 12 years go by everyone views you as old. plus everyone makes it seem like getting a date or getting married is the easiest thing in the world and that meeting someone is easy but i feel like i have 3 hrs to do anything every day working from 7-7 everyday. anyone else feel angry like they just dont have the time, money or energy to do what they want or get someone else interested in them? i just feel like im stuck in a twilight zone type of world. the more i tell people my life experience and see if they relate or can understand or have gone through the same feelings or situations , the more they act like i have a problem or that what i am saying is stupid or its not reality or they cant believe what im saying?? its weird. why doesnt anyone relate? did everyone get married find the one and have a perfect job later on in life? because if so why the fuck didnt that happy for me? am i a loser or something. did leaving college seal my fate to live an empty life forever or what?? god i just dont get it.

    • You are not a loser. There are other people just like you. Lots of them. Keep trying. Keep believing. Change something if you can. There is nothing wrong with you.

    • John, I do not want to reveal my name. But I find myself in a similar situation. My case is slightly different.I have Education, I had a nice job. But I resigned to start my own business. Since 4 years I met hundreds of failures. To be honest even I feel depressed sometimes and ask myself the same questions you have asked. But then when I look at my friends who have settled for a mediocre life, I find myself lucky. I am an Optimist. And I know for sure that I am going to succeed. I have been risk taker throughout my life, and things have always turned out in my favor. I take calculated risks with a plan.
      The secret is a magic word called BELIEF. What you truly believe about yourself will become true, either way. I suggest you read biographies of people who started from scratch. Believe me they were in a worse position in life than us.If they can do it, why the hell can’t we? And yes first thing, stop comparing yourself with others and get out of this self pity trap. It sucks.Just imagine how much you will love remembering these days of hardship and telling your grandchildren about it. What a fantastic story it would be, unlike the boring life stories of your friends.
      Fortunes do change, if you change your thinking.
      Hope to hear good news from you.

  64. harinder sartaj
    harinder sartaj

    That kinda helps but I need a more pacific answer than:
    Read a novel

  65. Ohhh common! Ways to enjoy life? There’s only one answer — Be a kid. Learn to Love yourself. Meditate. Watch YouTube videos of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.. He’s my spiritual guru 🙂

  66. Hello everyone,
    I guess people around here have more to say than me.But i will say here only because i have no other place no friends to share this, at least no one will dominate on me here. I am 21 yr old, living in bangalore, working for in mnc, will not take the name. i am living with a friend, more of a dominating friend, and i cant leave him too, because he is my senior at my work place. He uses me like anything. At work place and outside he behaves like he is the most mannered person. But his real things,one can know living with him. he abuses his gf like anything. My living environment is like a hell.
    I have frinds from my last company, and they too seem very busy and avoiding me, may be i am kind of boring. So i am left alone like a fish in a tub. Nothing to do just watch the people watching me. I am not asking for any kind of sympathy.
    But i have nowhere to share this.

    • Leave him,
      and start new life..
      It’s ur life but not his.
      Life has many options..
      change the one u r in and u will see..

    • dont worry adarsh politis in company are quite common but u have to lead in yourself so u should develop leadership qualities have a good day

  67. Mary Ng Shwu Ling
    Mary Ng Shwu Ling

    Celebrate your friends’ and family members’ birthdays 🙂
    Also, celebrate your achievements 🙂

  68. I live in a large city, because of meds I take I don’t often go to pub, however I couldn’t afford to anyway. As a consequence I have a hard time meeting new people and forming friendships. You can go to theatre , watch a sunrise have a summer vacation. However it is more enjoyable to do it with someone rather than on your own. Surely good companionship people you can have a laugh and a joke with is one of the main routs to what happiness should be about.

  69. Hi Everyone,
    I am Bram, 24 years old and still hasn’t discovered my purpose of life. I’m gay and live in a country which still think that gay is one of the greatest sinner on earth. My life is kinda boring, and full with regret. If only i could ask to the creator of me, i would rather to be created as a normal person. It is so hard to find a peaceful in my mind, i hate my life.. almost in all religion said that the people like me will get punished, but i dont know why? i dont wanna be like this… but i am now just the way i am. If you punish me because im committing a crime like murdering, robbing, or do that kinda bad things i will accept that. But i dont know what did i do to my self that made me end up as a gay. Im living with my partner for 2 years but soon hes going to leave me alone, because hes going to marry a woman. I have left my parents and move to the big city, and when the time has come my partner is going to leave me then im going to be alone. Life.. oo life.. Why everything is seem so hard to through…

  70. Hi friends I wesh that your good and enjoy from your life,,,,,, i enjied my life with most of things like music,friends,family,and e,t,c so i live in pakistan ,lahor ,,,i am realy realy hapy from my life becouse there are my best friends to not allow the girls in my life,,,i love one beautiful girl in my university and she also love me but less and i also enjoyed with her,,,,,,wish you all the best .

  71. I am struggling every single day. I just battled cancer, and I am now cancer free. My life seems foreign to me know. Before cancer, I was a wife, mother, and teacher. My children got married just before I was diagnosed, and then I was fighting for my life, and now I’m not sure about my life. I hate my job as a teacher now. If I could do anything, I would sell my home, buy a camper and just travel. I just want a simpler life, but I’m not sure how to achieve that life. I still owe doctor bills, and I’m stead tracking up more because of the effects of chemo. Do you have any suggestions?

  72. I feel so depress in my life and i get angry soon . Sometimes i’m so fearful and sometimes i’m alone ,sad .


  74. GlAD to read your articles, i am going to retire in the coming months and have been busy for over 40 years without stop and looking around
    very scare of coming time without job as i have no hobby , i even dont know what i enjoy most in my life i cannot see my children enjoy my accompany, this makes me more frighten of the coming day today, my mood is so bad that i search around and inspire me a lot from your article

  75. Sometimes life can be tricky. It can more especially if you are not good at socialising and you are not married.To make matters worse, if you dont drink. It feels out of place. There is less if not none, things which can bring you togather with your friends.

  76. Get a dog or at least a furry pet. It gives you something to care for and look forward to. They give unconditional love.

  77. commit yourself in what you want to do, be focus in doing than you can enjoy while doing

  78. I always get angry even there’s nothing happen.
    I really don’t know how to become relax and take everything easy…and because of this matter I always think that for17 years I didn’t enjoy my life enough.
    would you please help me?

  79. i think we should just take life easy and stop worring about future that hasnt happened yet just be relax and forget your problems and remmeber life is short and we dont have time to be regret about our mistakes . but i think dancing and singing a lot can give us some more energies that we need to start our new day .

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