Second Anniversary of Life Optimizer

At September 7, 2006, the first post here was published. So it’s now the second anniversary of Life Optimizer!

It’s been one year since I wrote the first anniversary post and I’ve learned a lot since then. I learned not only about blogging but also about personal growth and life in general. That’s what I love about blogging: it speeds up my learning process.

This blog has also experienced healthy growth in the past year. The number of subscribers grew from about 1200 one year ago to about 5400 now. The traffic level, especially organic traffic from search engines, has also increased steadily.

Of course, all these are possible because of you, the reader. Without your support and participation, this blog wouldn’t come anywhere near where it is now. It’s you who motivate me to keep learning and writing.

So let me say this to you:

Thank you!


  1. And thank YOU Donald for maintaining this excellent blog – I’ve been subscribed and lurking for a while. I have especially enjoyed last month’s theme, as I loved all the posts on relationships. Thanks again for keeping Life Optimizer going!

  2. Congratulations, Donald, on your continued success! Here’s to much more where that came from in the future for you and your heartfelt blog!! *Toast!*

  3. Congrats Don. 😀

  4. Keep doing good job Donald. Many more years ; )

  5. Sid, Shanel, Aries, and Focsa,
    Thanks for encouragement! It’s my hope that I can learn more and provide better value in the future. Of course, with the help of amazing people like you 🙂

  6. Congratulations! Your blog is incredibly useful and insightful, I look forward to many more years!

  7. Donald,
    Thank you so much for you continued drive in keep running this great website!
    Life Optimizer, as you know, was one of the main inspirations to start my own blog, and I’m sure it keeps inspiring many, many others.
    Two years of insightful posts is a great milestone, so make sure you celebrate, and that you celebrate it big! 🙂

  8. Congratulations Donald on this milestone. You have successfully added to the wealth of information aimed at helping us all optimize our lives.

  9. Alexis, Luciano, and Flora,
    Thanks! It’s my greatest pleasure if this site can help and inspire others.
    I’m now thinking about how to celebrate 😉

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