Monthly Roundup: May 2008

Last month was the first month with monthly theme here on Life Optimizer and the theme was mind. In total, there were 13 posts published in May eight of which were related to the monthly theme.

Let’s see what the best posts and comments were.

Best Posts

The two most visited posts were:

Best Comments

The comments I found to be the most insightful were:

Thanks Avani, Anika, and Annie!

One Year Before

Looking back one year, the most visited posts in May 2007 were:


  1. Looks like it was a great month for you guys. I’ve only just discovered this blog so look forward to more of it in the future.

    I’ve subscribed to your feed 🙂

  2. Great idea to come up with a “Monthly Theme”, it’s a great opportunity to give a special focus on specific topics. Also like the idea of summerising and pick the ones that are visited most.

    I also use a ‘summerising-technique’ in my ‘Success Journal’, Making a Monthly TOP 5 of things I am most proud of having achieved in a certain month.

    (BTW you can read about this and other ‘Tools’
    in my brilliant little eBook:))

    Frequently I aim to also use a similar ‘summerising-technique’ for putting the summerised elements into a logical order, for writing more focussed in an effort to offer more than only a wild and (unstructured)
    ‘Stream of consiousness’.

    All the Best,
    To your Happy Inspiration,

  3. Glen,
    Welcome aboard 🙂 I did enjoy the discussions last month and I’m sure I will learn a lot this month as well.
    Yours is a nice blog, by the way.

    Your idea of making list of things we achieve is interesting. It’s motivating to see how much we have accomplished in a month.

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