Monthly Roundup: February 2008

Making roundup posts that highlight what happen in particular months could help you find the best stuff easily. That’s why I plan to have monthly roundup posts here, starting now.

Frankly speaking, last month was a busy one for me. As some of you might know, I took master program in Singapore last year. By the end of 2007 I completed it and went back to Indonesia. I got job as information technology lecturer, and at the end of January the semester began. So in February I was busy preparing for the lectures. Since some of the materials were new to me, it took extra effort to master them. It’s now week 6 of the semester, and – though I’m still busy – things are more manageable.

Best Posts

Last month there were 13 posts on Life Optimizer. The three most visited posts were:

In addition, here are two my favorite posts:

You can see the other posts on the archives page.

Best Comments

The comments I found to be the most insightful were:

For David, Annie, Jacob, and Mike: thanks!

One Year Before

One year before – in February 2007 – the most visited posts were:


  1. Hi Donald,

    Just passing by to say hi. I really enjoyed this way of rewarding commenters, by quality instead of quantity (top commenters in the sidebar)…

    Good luck on the lectures!

  2. Hi Luciano,
    Thanks for the wish! 🙂
    About the commenters, this is my first try, but I think it’s a better way to reward the people who deserve it the most.

  3. Hello Donald,
    I appreciate the mention. Feels like a virtual Gold Star sticker!
    Great job on the site. Always helpful & inspiring.


  4. Annie,
    It’s my pleasure. I wish all the best for you.

  5. it sounds trite but it is still true. If you want something done give it to a busy man.

    probably because a busy man is active and is getting things done.

    A lazy man is not doing anything and what you give him will likely end up in that category also

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