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Posted by Donald Latumahina

Passive income is our key to financial freedom. The more passive income we generate, the less dependent we are on our job. At one point, when our passive income exceeds our expenses, we can stop working anytime we want and still live the lifestyle we desire. That is financial freedom.

But passive income takes time to build. You can’t expect to start working on it now and be financially freedom next year unless you are very lucky. So the best time to start is now. The earlier you start working to build your passive income, the sooner you will reap the results.

That’s why I put together this list of free passive income resources. There are a lot free passive income resources out there, but I put only the useful ones here. I hope this list can be a starting point and a companion in your journey toward financial freedom. The list starts with the definitions followed by the e-books, articles, and audio resources.



Articles – General

Articles – Internet Marketing

Articles – Miscellanous


Bonus – Recommended Books

While collecting these resources, I noticed that there are several books which are often mentioned regarding passive income. These books are not free, but I add them here in case you want to learn more about the subject. I have read all of them except the last one. Here they are:

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  1. Budi says:

    I just started to learn on how to generate passive income. Your article give me some ideas on how to start with…


  2. Lori says:

    Read lots of blogs and you’ll find sites on them that you can make income from. That’s what I do.

  3. CC says:

    Hey! I know I’m a bit late, this post is old, but I had to take the time to congratulate you for having written SUCH A GREAT POST!

    Some serious valuable information right here!


  4. Duncan says:

    I love passive income. Keeps the bear from the door. Being a designer means you have loads of options for creating passive income.

  5. Monica says:

    Good resourse of passive income is this one…take a look,maybe you will like it.

  6. Chris says:

    some great links here. Really useful post. Thanks

  7. kirk forney says:

    Fairly new to the internet marketing game looking for good way to make some residual income and generate a good income stream have tried many things any recommendations?

    • Frazier says:

      Hi Kirk,

      There are many ways to make residual income. One is to offer free Rx discount cards. You make money, per script, each month.
      Another way is to sell discount dental plans. You get 35 percent per dental program sold. Feel free to contact me at

  8. Edward Jolly says:

    Hi Donald. Yes I too would love to reach that position where we can hang up our hat.

  9. Jason says:

    Thanks for another great article, Donald!

    As a budding Entrepreneur I’d love to hear more about your preferred passive income streams and how long it took you to develop them.


  10. richturtle says:

    Nice article.

    Do you leave off passive income?

  11. Ash Tewierik says:

    Great resource list! I would like to see a list of top-quality blogs dedicated to passive income as well though.

  12. Perdere Peso says:

    Great Post, your ideas is still working nowadays, thanks for sharing :)

  13. Mike says:

    Nice list, a lot of good solid information. There is tons of resources out there on the interweb, you just gotta look.

  14. suhas52 says:

    Very Nice

    I am also looking for passive income on the net. Have already read 4 ebooks mentioned. I wish to achieve $50 per day target by year end. presently reaching $3 per day only. If you have any sites or ideas, please inform me on my mail.


  15. nutrizionista firenze says:

    nice, very nice…

  16. Backlinkfy says:

    This is very informative and inspiring to think about your finances this way.