Get Rid of Negative Thoughts in Two Steps

Though I try to maintain positive thought all the time, there are times when negative thoughts strike me. And when they do, they can sometimes grow wild and conquer my whole mind. At such times, the positive state of my mind seems to be out of reach.

Well, of course such situation should not happen. Now I think there is a good way to deal with it. There are actually only two steps to get rid of those negative thoughts:

  1. Flee
  2. Fill

Very easy to remember right ? Flee and fill. Flee and fill. And what does it mean ?

  1. Flee
    First of all, we must flee from all those negative thoughts. Don’t pay attention to them, don’t talk to them, and don’t argue with them. Just flee and run away ! Leave all those negative thoughts and go.
  2. Fill
    Now that we have fled from all those negative thoughts, we must fill our mind with something so that those negative thoughts won’t come back. Naturally, fill our mind with positive thoughts. This is one reason why having a quote of the day is a good thing. This way we always have something handy to fill our mind with.

streamingRemember, you cannot go to step 2 without doing step 1 first. It’s useless to try to fill your mind with positive thoughts if you still carry all those negative thoughts with you. Throw them away first and then you’ll be ready to fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Of course, the hardest part is step 1. We must initiate to flee. But it’s possible that we do not realize that our mind is conquered until it’s too late (for example, until we make stupid decisions). To anticipate this, here is what we need to do:

  1. Watch our mind continuously
    The goal is we must be aware of the current state of our mind. If negative thoughts start striking, we must be aware of it. Don’t let our mind flow freely outside our awareness.
  2. Make firm decision
    When there is an indication that negative thoughts are coming, make a firm decision that we want to flee from them ! There’s no other way, we must make decision. This way our mind is conditioned to flee from those thoughts. And after that, stick with our decision. Flee. Go. Run away. And don’t forget to continue to step 2, that is filling our mind with positive thoughts.

These simple tips are useful for me. I hope they will also be useful for you. Good luck !


  1. great article and great advice.
    This reminds me of Gods word about guarding our hearts and minds through CHrist Jesus, for out it flows the wellspring of life.

    The knowing and the doing are 2 different things.

  2. Thanks, Peggy! You’re right, knowing and doing are two different things.

  3. Peggy? You are a saved Christian? It’s really great to find one here on a public forum. God Bless you.

  4. I Am Me,

    Hello, and thanks for commenting. Yes, I am a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ. He is able!

  5. Ohh My god…you are absolutely right…!!

    I had a little confusion on this part and you have answered my questions in a simple manner…I more charged now…

    Just to add on, the negative thoughts, I mean step-1 badly attracts your mind (which may lead to wrong decisions or something like that) and its a tough process to get out of it, but its definately possible as you have said

    • For me Step1 works at times but not at other times. And then i get violent to my family which is very bad..Hope I will get out of it some time

  6. Wow hope this helps cause right now my family is full of negative thougts ,cause we our haveing money promplems . And well my dad is trying to find a Job anyway thanks

  7. Robin,

    I have negative thoughts a lot. I have learned from reading this
    article that dont let the negative thoughts control you. So I
    will try this. Life is wonderful its what you make of it.

  8. ok but i can’t just flee out of these negative thoughts, there must e something that can help me. seriously i need to have a good time or these thoughts will kill me me, help!!

  9. this article is really helped me a lot to over come fron negative thoughts,even though step 1 is very difficult some how i am keep trying in that.

  10. You make it sound easy and I have been trying to flee but really not succeeding much. There is some success but the negative thoughts come and it takes me sometime to realize that I have been weaving my life around them(in my mind). I understand what it means by them taking over life. I’ll keep trying though it becomes too difficult at times.

  11. you know guys, doing something for the first time is never easy. I am also trying to keep my mind away from somebody’s thoughts but remember, do not force ur mind to quit thoughts. Be real and do not ponder over past memories. If you are confused, leave it and then see, if it makes you grossly uncomfortable for a long period of time, then go back. I gave myself a month’s time and recovered in a week! Once you take a decision, stay with it. Don’t show to other’s that you are a peice of meat for them. Be assertive strong yet polite and humble.

  12. negative thoughts are like hungry lions,they come full prepared and
    and they can eat you alive if you are not prepared,i have tried this so many times but it is like we are 2……there is this guy inside who i need to get rid of for good…thank you for the advice

  13. Hi, I have been battling with negative thoughts my whole life. I know it stims from my childhood. I had a very negative judgemental childhood. It almost seems that thinking negative comes so naturally. But, I do know the power of thinking postive. I conditioned myself to not even reconize the negative thoughts. About 2 weeks ago I went on vacation back to my hometown, I was fine for about 2 days. After that I was sticken with my old thought patterns and all of my old negative feelings came right back and I started listening to them. Now I’m in a struggling again to get that positive outlook back. I was strong before I left. Its like a lost feeling, I get fustrated trying to get back that. This is my life and it is very short, I have to grasp whatever joy I can get. I just wish I had a switch that could turn on and embed that in my mind. I know exactly what each one of you feel. Its a dark place that seems to have know hope. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN CHANGE IT. I know it is easier said then done. Don’t ever give up, it will get better.

  14. I have been fighting negative thoughts and have been unsuccessful, but recently I have been more aware of my neg thoughts, I’ve been noticing my children’s negativity, wow what a wake up call. I have found these sites to be great and meditation has been working a little, but this flee thing and quotes are so on. I’m taking my first step today and I’m going to put all neg things and an illness that doesn’t have to be debilitating if I can wake up and get off to a positive start, thank you for sharing your stories and comments, it does help when family is burnt out from all my emotions and I will take responsibility for my day.

  15. i can so relate to what everyone is saying here, it’s sort of nice to know i’m not alone in this! I’ve been struggling with negative thoughts for about 6 months now, but only just really realised it a couple of weeks ago, and now it seems to be worse because i feel constantly paranoid that they’re going to be plaguing me. Everytime i make a breakthrough it doesn’t last, and it’s just so hard to get out of the cycle. I feel like this is ruining my life, it’s taking control and its putting me so far from the happy, optimistic person i used to be. But reading all the stories and comments has brightened me up a bit, i will keep trying, keep fighting for positivity and my life back 🙂

  16. i’m so glad i’m not the only one out there having these silly thoughts!
    I often find i can go up and down daily with these thoughts, having made progress during the day of not paying attention to the negative thoughts and feeling more optimistic and positive for the future, only to have one single, tiny thread of random thought pop in to compleatly ruin a great day!! sometimes it’s as if i’m doing really well and my brain reminds me what i was thinking about before , then the vicious circle starts again! mine started a month after i lost my father and instead of my grieving for him , i’ve been lured into thinking stuff that’s complete nonsense ( i know this) and it’s unsettling, it’s an ongoing battle, one which i’ll win (eventually) and i think trying this will help me to keep positive and happy!! keep strong everybody i’ll be thinking of you all xx

  17. Hi there,
    I suffer with these stupid thoughts (negative thoughts) too. The day would be going great them one thought would ruin it and I’m then on a slippery slope.The thoughts can be crippling, but I dont let them grow, so I use this method today and it worked!!!Flee and feed!Instead of sitting there(frozen) and talking about my feelings,thoughts etc. I kept busy so I didnt have time to be so self -obsessed. I think its a great method, keep trying it guys, it works for me, I’m sure it will work for you too! Keep at it,its a battle but you will end up stronger…….

  18. my mind is full of negative thoughts and negative attitude its include full of negative things like sex and incest and always doubts with friends

    and not confident with anyone i always losing everything bcoz of negative feelings in my mind

    how can i get rid off negative thoughts in my mind

    plz mail to me

    i hope u will help me soon to better improvement in my life

    thank u to al bye take care

  19. i wish it was easier and i try to make thoughts go but they keep coming, i like the thoughts that stay for 2 seconds and then goes, and i get thoughts that bugs me scares me sometimes.

    wish that there was a pill to rid me of my thoughts with out side effects!
    i wanna be free, i sometimes when alone let my mind get the best of me and it takes me down.
    i need prayers for 3 thoughts to go from my head… i use yahoo answers alot

  20. Joyce Meyer has a new book out. I ordered it from her program.

    It is about this very thing. What is it called? Glad you asked. “Power Thoughts.” It goes along with another great book she has out that I have read, Battlefield of the Mind. This book is amazing. I try to read it at least once a year, and pick it up and read a chapter here and there.

    The first step into defeating us is through our mind and our thoughts.

  21. I have been having some really bad thoughts lately and i have tried everything to get bad thoughts out of my head. lets see if this solution will work

  22. Hey everyone! I have had negative thoughts my entire life and I’m only 13! It’s very hard to get rid of but I am going to counseling and taking medication to help with it. It helps but then you get one upsetting thought and there goes your day.
    I will try this method though. It’s kind of what my counselor told me to do. You just have to be strong and try to keep a positive attitude. Write a list of your bad thoughts and on the oppisite side, write a list of positive thoughts(quotes,words,etc…) that you can say when you have that thought. It does work good for me.
    Good luck everyone!

  23. […] Fill your thoughts with good thoughts.  Think about your dreams and aspirations.  Think about the people that love and care about you.  Think about ways you can love and care about other people.  Think about loving and caring about yourself.  Reflect on your self-image.  Do you see yourself as someone deserving of great things in your life? […]

  24. Hi, i can identify with all of the above, suffer from worry which leads to negative thinking. It comes and goes, i have peace for a while then for some reason i lose it , then the cycle starts again. Im at a point in my life where im committing to guarding my mind , i need to detach myself from the negative thinking, life is so short, live just for today.

  25. […] you guilty of saying negative things to yourself about yourself?  Do you find yourself thinking negative, self-defeating thoughts?  Create a no dumping rule for yourself.  Every time one of those thoughts comes into your head, […]

  26. far out it sounds so easy i have had negitive thoughts for a year or more i will give anything a go god bless you guys

  27. i have recovered from depression and aniexty dis-order nearly 2 months ago. recently, nearly 2 weeks ago i came across bizzare and mad negative thought which were floating around my mind constantly, but these thought were very low and controllable. but as everyone knows sometimes these negaive thought can hit you like a bullet and leave you stunned and motionless. this flee and fill technique is so helpfull in situation in work or publick transport. this site is very effective thank you ever so much!

  28. This is like doublethink. You are basically brainwashing yourself. So have fun with being mindlessly happy.

  29. […] you guilty of saying negative things to yourself about yourself?  Do you find yourself thinking negative, self-defeating thoughts?  Create a no dumping rule for yourself.  Every time one of those thoughts comes into your head, […]

  30. great sir,

    really i was wandering with this problem, today i feel get relieved like, let me try and will get back.

  31. I am a recovering addict of multiple substances. I have flashbacks and psychotic thoughts sometimes but at the same time I can only stay positive.

    Music, pursuit of mating or appreciation of the opposite sex, staying NOT bored, hobbies, GOD, sports, exercise, fruits and veggies, WATER, family OR friends can support you with anything.

    Thats a short list of ENDLESS possibilites that can help you stay positive.

  32. i also feel the same way…recently i saw the family pictures of my roommate who was gone/missing for over 10 years. Since then her memories bring back to my mind. During first week, i did not mind having her thought and alive images on my head. After a week, i already got bothered coz her memories keep lingering on. I was praying for her peace wherever she is. I was trying to convince myself that it is not her who is hunting me but my negative thoughts that makes me anxious and worried for something that i should not be fearing about. I know the more i worry about this thought, the more it pulls my feeling down. It is not healthy at all so i know that only prayers and positive thoughts can stop us from thinking bad thoughts. I am slowly getting there and i am sure i can overcome the attacks of silly thoughts. By the power of holy spirit and GOD’s grace, i am very sure that all of us here having experienced the same thoughts and feeling will be able to fight this off. Please join me thru this prayer, ” In the Mighty Name of Jesus, we take authority and we bind all powers and forces of evil to depart away from us, from our families and from our loveones. Any disturbing thoughts, we bind you AWAY..

  33. Hey guys, I have a bit of a problam. I’ve been having negative thoughts for many years, they are not very bad or anything like that but sometimes they stop me from going foward and trying to bring out the best of me to the world. When I try to step out of the boundary, show the better side of me and be very positive, my heard starts hurting. It is very weird, it feels like the negative thoughts are pulling me back. I just don’t know how to get past them because my head hurts. Can somebody help me?

  34. Hi Kate, I know exactly what you mean. I try not to, but the next thing I know, there they are. One thing I have been trying lately, well, actually two, is to keep busy. There is plenty of things in my house that need sorting, weeds in my yard that need pulling, and I am so trying to keep busy, a good productive busy, that has something to show for it. And that has its own benefits.

    The other is to be thankful and to name things I am thankful.

    Well, I did not mean to write a book, lol, but there it is. I do hope you can get some help from it.


  35. nice article i hope it helps!!

  36. hi guys. its true that negative thoughts can break us. It can happen anytime anywhere. All we have to do is turn a positive situation into a negative one by just thinking negative thoughts. For me, negative thoughts are like my bread and butter. It comes everyday. When Im riding, i think of meeting an accident or when I see a death, I think of someone close to me is dying or when Im not motivated, I think that my boss will come and yell at me and then i will be motivated. Sometimes I think that by thinking negative, it helps me. But all this is wrong. And then I read an article somewhere which was amazing. It simply said to think of your life as a car. Everytime a negative thought comes in, a part of your car breaks down which stops you from moving ahead. so the first thing we do is to repair it. So stop. Delete the negative thought and then start your car. You need to visualize this in your mind for effective actions.

  37. It is very easy to jus say wats mentioned.. it is because its beyond our reach to control thoughts, that these negative thoughts carry us away.. somethin more specific and practical suggestion would help me…

  38. I have been having reaccuring negative thoughts for a while and i know its from childhood events. I am just beginning to get into the real swing of life. I realize that there is so much good out there that its really hard to be negative once you actually find that out. Its a long process because your mind is used to being in a negative state that you pretty much have to reprogram your mind to think in this mew way. Something that has helped me out a lot were these hypnosis’ that put you into a very deep relaxed state. Once your in those very relaxed states, the hypnosis’ train your unconcious mind to begin thinking in a new way. There are lots of different hynosis sessions for just about everything you could think of. The website is Check it out and you might find what your looking for. Hopefully this helps everyone out. Keep fighting the good fight and remember to be positive no matter what. Theres always something good to take out of every situation.

  39. I have tried and worked on what you have said but these thoughts reoccurs

  40. I realize that when I think negative it’s always about ME! Me, me me! I know I have to get myself off of my mind!! Stop thinking about MYSELF! And think of helping others, helping others! Although I don’t have a lot of money I imagine helping someone pay off their bills, or buy them a house or car you know what I mean? It puts a smile on my face 🙂 For me thinking negative is being selfish I have to think of others because I know some have it worse and one way or another I am going to meet them to help them!

  41. I was really amazed about this site because it help me lot to get rid of my negative thoughts

    I am thankful that we all had this kind of situation
    No matter what stay positive always!

  42. I tend to get a lot of bad thoughts at night when I am alone without my other half. Especially nights like tonight, where I have the worry of a hospital visit the next day, and about some other silly things that really shouldn’t be in my mind, cause truth be told, they’re pointless. These steps seem very useful, and I feel they could help greatly. Great advice, just wish I’d found it before now! 🙂

  43. Hi Guys,

    I also had negative thoughts and thought it would be end of my life. It was because I went in search of God and could not find reasons for HIS existence although I knoe he exists. Then I started like this..-ve thoughts are like pulling me from moving forward towards success. They were like a rope pulling my steps backwards and I said no I wont think of these thoughts..I started moving forward gradually and I am a happy and normal person now. I dont need to goto psychiatrist. The power is in my hands..Just do it.:) GOD BLESS ALL

  44. This is freeing. I think we become afraid of our thoughts which is the starting point of an unpleasant mind. With these steps we can know that there is a way to deal with the thoughts that once haunted us!

  45. reading ur article helped me a lot. thank you!

  46. This article is very useful and good.I like it.

  47. Once i get away with -ve thoughts my next worry is what will my mind think now..Should this be eradicated by step 2??

  48. this is a testimony,after reading ur article as i suffered from depression for 13 years i took all your steps into consideration and did as u said i should do it realy worked,in two days i was getting back to normal and i saw how far i came suffering i decided to accept Jesus as my saviour so that i may not get back all those negative thought about myself.from my experience after these exercises i saw that depression is a sickness that destroy our minds by feeding it with negetivity all the im happy and in God `s hands.i can look myself in the mirror and ask myself is it realy me.Thank you so much i know that God send you to heal people who are suffering from depressed.

  49. This seems gr8.I will definitely try this

  50. very great clarification …… very very nice … flee and fill ….
    very good .. i was doing same but i did not know the exactly words should be affix for it…. thankx for giving me the name … flee and fil
    run away from negative thinking and incorporate positive thinking in yor mind …..
    lovely u did superb job…. God show you the right path…..

  51. Am so much happy with this,I started negative thinking since i was small but it now grow in me after i went through some illness i could not understand due to negative imagination but as i read this article my spirit then be at ease because i have been thinking of how to cut of my neck or break my head to battle bad thought but after i received christ into my life am now free,Thank you jesus….

  52. I would imagen you had a tv in you’re head, so if you’re watching something you don’t like then get our you’re remote control and change the cannel this way you’ll find what yoh want to watch also if something scares you then pretend to dress it ip in something silly like a tootoo or a ballet costume it will help you to overcome them no problem

  53. I will try anything as I am told that my negativity is ruining my marriage, and I am coming to believe it is. My thoughts are just projecting what can or cannot be fixed (mostly what cannot be fixed) and the fighting has been horrible. I come from an extremely negative family and married my husband because of his positive lookout on life and now after 45 years, I think I’ve worn him down and he can’t take it anymore. I hope to God this way of thinking of flee and fill works. I am at wits end.

  54. i am having a lot of negative thoughts, i cant get rid of them, a fear in my mind settled inside that if i go outside of my room then somebody will see me and make a fun of me , if i go outside forcefully then at any place if somebody talking then i automatically begin to think he is talking about me and making a fun of me… and i dont like people scaring me because it makes me feel that he knows that iam mad… and i cannot sleep at nights i keep on thinking about what did i have done wrong and why iam like this and doing this why did this happen to me can i get rid of this mental condition can i become happy. i feel like suffocated inside my mind…

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