What Procrastination Actually is

I’ve just listened to Productive Talk #01 podcast which features David Allen and Merlin Mann. It’s a very interesting podcast in which they talk about procrastination and how to handle it. Toward the end of the show, there is something David says that catches me:

Procrastination actually is not about not doing, it’s about not doing and feeling crappy.

The point I get is, we are procrastinating if we are doing something which is not the most important thing to do right now. For example, now I have three tasks I can do, namely A, B and C. Based on the importance A is #1, B is #2 and C is #3. You see, doing B is important enough since it is #2. But if I choose to do B instead of A, then I’m actually procrastinating ! In this case, I’m procrastinating doing A which is the task I should actually do.

This understanding gives new insight to me. Frankly, I often do the #2 things because I think they are important enough. Anyway, they rank second, right ? I just don’t want to do the #1 thing right now. Maybe next.

Well, this understanding tells me loud and clear that by doing so I’m actually procrastinating. Even doing the #2 is not good enough. I should be doing the #1.

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