Busy Time and The Value of Time

These days are among the busiest days in my study. I will have an exam this Friday in which we are expected to read 15 papers before the exam and handwrite 10 pages of answer within two hours. Not only that, I also have a paper due at October 16 (already three days ago), presentation at October 18 (yesterday), and two projects due at October 27 and 30.

Studying for exam and working on these projects make me very busy these days. Time becomes so precious. Whenever I do something, like traveling, I always find opportunity to read my exam materials. I also temporarily stop doing things I usually do, like reading productivity books and articles. I can’t even follow my RSS feeds these days.

This experience teaches me how valuable time is. When I have plenty of time I don’t really realize the value of time. I often use it for something not really useful. But these days with all the these pressures I really find how precious time is. I try to cut as many things as possible and use whatever time I get. Fortunately, I can still manage all my tasks and nothing falls apart. But to do that, I must rearrange my priorities. I think this is a good lesson for me in time management.