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The Key to Mastering Your Situation

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A while back, I read The Code Book by Simon Singh. It’s a good book about the history of codes and code breaking. Among others, the book covers the role of code breakers in wars. They play an essential role there. Why? Because if you break the enemy’s code, you can grasp the real situation  [ Read More ]

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A Quick Tip for Finding Your Calling

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Do you want to maximize your personal effectiveness? If you do, you need to find your calling. You need to find something that resonates with your heart. Why? Because doing something you believe in will boost your effectiveness. How do you know that you have found your calling? There is a good answer in How  [ Read More ]

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The Two Elements of True Success

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What is your definition of success? Your answer to this question is important because it determines how you approach life. It becomes the basis of your decision-making. Many people define success as being wealthy and/or famous. They think that someone who is wealthy is more successful than those who aren’t. As a result, making money  [ Read More ]

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4 Steps to Living a Meaningful Life

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What do you think it takes to live a happy life? Many people believe that things such as money or fame can give them happiness. But the fact is: you can be wildly successful on the outside but still feel empty inside. There are countless stories of people like that. We, of course, must not  [ Read More ]

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We are now in July. That means the first half of this year has passed, and we are entering the second half. Many people wait until the end of the year before reflecting on their lives, but I think it’s a good idea to do it now. Why? Because you still have half a year  [ Read More ]

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I like to learn from the lives of others, and one of the things I’ve learned is that life consists of seasons. You don’t always live the same way. You don’t always do the same things. Instead, there are seasons in your life. Your ability to make the most of these seasons is essential to  [ Read More ]

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