Mid-Year Reflection: How Has This Year Been for You?

Here we are at the beginning of July. That means we are at the half-year mark of 2021. Six months have passed, and we have six more months to go this year. I think it’s a good time to pause and reflect on how this year has been.

In my case, I learned a lot in the first half of this year. From books to personal experiences, I absorb insights that have enriched my perspective and given me a renewed sense of purpose. I’m excited about the second half of this year, and I’m determined to make the most of it.

What about you? What lessons did you learn from the first half of this year to make the most of the second half? Is there anything that you’d like to change about your life? What would you like to focus on going forward?

Let’s make the most of the rest of 2021. Cheers!


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