Get Rid of Negative Thoughts in Two Steps

Posted by Donald Latumahina

Though I try to maintain positive thought all the time, there are times when negative thoughts strike me. And when they do, they can sometimes grow wild and conquer my whole mind. At such times, the positive state of my mind seems to be out of reach.

Well, of course such situation should not happen. Now I think there is a good way to deal with it. There are actually only two steps to get rid of those negative thoughts:

  1. Flee
  2. Fill

Very easy to remember right ? Flee and fill. Flee and fill. And what does it mean ?

  1. Flee
    First of all, we must flee from all those negative thoughts. Don’t pay attention to them, don’t talk to them, and don’t argue with them. Just flee and run away ! Leave all those negative thoughts and go.
  2. Fill
    Now that we have fled from all those negative thoughts, we must fill our mind with something so that those negative thoughts won’t come back. Naturally, fill our mind with positive thoughts. This is one reason why having a quote of the day is a good thing. This way we always have something handy to fill our mind with.

streamingRemember, you cannot go to step 2 without doing step 1 first. It’s useless to try to fill your mind with positive thoughts if you still carry all those negative thoughts with you. Throw them away first and then you’ll be ready to fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Of course, the hardest part is step 1. We must initiate to flee. But it’s possible that we do not realize that our mind is conquered until it’s too late (for example, until we make stupid decisions). To anticipate this, here is what we need to do:

  1. Watch our mind continuously
    The goal is we must be aware of the current state of our mind. If negative thoughts start striking, we must be aware of it. Don’t let our mind flow freely outside our awareness.
  2. Make firm decision
    When there is an indication that negative thoughts are coming, make a firm decision that we want to flee from them ! There’s no other way, we must make decision. This way our mind is conditioned to flee from those thoughts. And after that, stick with our decision. Flee. Go. Run away. And don’t forget to continue to step 2, that is filling our mind with positive thoughts.

These simple tips are useful for me. I hope they will also be useful for you. Good luck !

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  1. Am so much happy with this,I started negative thinking since i was small but it now grow in me after i went through some illness i could not understand due to negative imagination but as i read this article my spirit then be at ease because i have been thinking of how to cut of my neck or break my head to battle bad thought but after i received christ into my life am now free,Thank you jesus….

  2. Bella says:

    I would imagen you had a tv in you’re head, so if you’re watching something you don’t like then get our you’re remote control and change the cannel this way you’ll find what yoh want to watch also if something scares you then pretend to dress it ip in something silly like a tootoo or a ballet costume it will help you to overcome them no problem

  3. Norina says:

    I will try anything as I am told that my negativity is ruining my marriage, and I am coming to believe it is. My thoughts are just projecting what can or cannot be fixed (mostly what cannot be fixed) and the fighting has been horrible. I come from an extremely negative family and married my husband because of his positive lookout on life and now after 45 years, I think I’ve worn him down and he can’t take it anymore. I hope to God this way of thinking of flee and fill works. I am at wits end.

  4. nayer says:

    i am having a lot of negative thoughts, i cant get rid of them, a fear in my mind settled inside that if i go outside of my room then somebody will see me and make a fun of me , if i go outside forcefully then at any place if somebody talking then i automatically begin to think he is talking about me and making a fun of me… and i dont like people scaring me because it makes me feel that he knows that iam mad… and i cannot sleep at nights i keep on thinking about what did i have done wrong and why iam like this and doing this why did this happen to me can i get rid of this mental condition can i become happy. i feel like suffocated inside my mind…