What Is Happiness? A Definition of Happiness

Happiness is something that everyone wants. Different people might use different words for it, but everyone wants to live a happy life.

But what is happiness? How would you define it?

This is an important question because your definition of happiness will influence your decisions and actions.

A common misconception is to define happiness with something external such as an abundance of possessions. They think that if they have much, they will be happy. But this kind of happiness is fleeting. You may be happy for a moment but then it goes away. You will need another external event to make you happy again. It’s a never-ending journey. That’s why I believe that it’s not the path to lasting happiness.

How should we define happiness then?

Based on what I’ve learned throughout the years, here is how I would define happiness:

Happiness is being able to live true to yourself and realize your potential.

There are two parts in this definition. The first part is living true to yourself. It means living in a way that’s consistent with your values. You do things that resonate with your heart. You live your life, not someone else’s life.

The second part is realizing your potential. It means being able to use and develop your talents to contribute to your cause. You don’t just use some of your talents here and there; you use them fully. You also have the opportunity to improve yourself.

With these two parts in place, you will have a fulfilling life. Your days will be meaningful. You will be excited about your days. You can go to sleep at night feeling good about your contributions. This, in my opinion, is happiness.

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  1. Happiness is having peace within yourself and doing it everyday without thinking about others ..it’s like updating you each day each moment..

  2. Happiness is a state of positive mental being. Finding your happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim, and the end of human existence.
    It is important that you find your way of finding inner happiness.

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