Be Prepared by Developing Your Core Skills

People in many parts of the world are urged to stay at home these days. Needless to say, it’s a challenging time to live in. We need to cope with both health and economic challenges.

But I believe there is an opportunity here that you shouldn’t overlook. With less activity outside, you may have more free time. How you use your free time can make a big difference in the long-term. If you use it only for watching movies or playing games, you might not get much long-term value from it. But if you use it to upgrade yourself, you will reap the benefits.

I remember a story I read in The Millionaire Fastlane. The author was a limo driver. He often spent hours waiting for his clients. How did he use that time? While most people might use it to rest, chat, or play games, he used it to read books. Lots and lots of books. Long story short, the knowledge from the books helped him launch a successful online business.

Similarly, you should use your free time to upgrade yourself. For the best return, I’d suggest focusing on your core skills. These are the things that you can do well compared to most people.

Take time to identify your core skills. For instance, mine are coding, writing, and teaching. Then plan how you would develop them. You might want to read some books or have a side project. In any case, make the most of your time to hone your core skills.

Doing so helps you be prepared for the challenges ahead. It helps you not just survive but thrive. After all, as Louis Pasteur once said, fortune favors the prepared mind.


  1. I want to seize this opportunity to stay home to sharpen my ax. Guys don’t waste this opportunity. Now is the best time to improve and come back stronger after the crisis.

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