Ask the Readers: What Are Your Favorite Books for Personal Development?

A good way to grow as a person, I believe, is reading books. Reading a good book is like listening to someone’s life advice. You might not be able to meet the author in person, but by reading his/her book, you can get invaluable advice for your life.

So I’d like to ask you:

What are your favorite books for personal development and why?

The books don’t have to be self-help books; they could be biographies, history, etc. The important thing is that the books help you grow as a person.

Please leave your answer in the comments so that everyone can read it. Thanks!


  1. The Bible
    The Search For Significance
    Battlefield of the Mind

  2. My favourite book is The Alchemist

    • The obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday is my favorite!
      Currently reading High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. I must say this one is amazing!

  3. Hari Shyam Shreetha
    Hari Shyam Shreetha

    Great. Love reading biographies, sort of books that keep me alive, keep me motivated, keep me going.

  4. I like to read books that can change life with constructive ideas

  5. I have been reading books that were written based on peoples experiences. The Suble Art Of Not Giving a F%#& has been my game changer

  6. The power of now

  7. Hi Donald,
    I have a few books that have helped me so much over the years…. one is by author Norman Vincent Peale -“the power of positive thinking” whenever I start to feel overwhelmed or negative- if I read a little of this book it brings me perspective and peace. I also read my Bible- I live by a faith which in the good times I am filled with gratitude and in the hard times gives me hope – there are verses in there like “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me” this helps me immensely. Another book that is in my tool kit is Eckhart Tolle’s the “New Earth” .I have been helped immensely by his ability to explain so much of the dynamic of how our ego works individually and collectively and the importance of living in the NOW – it shrinks life to a manageable size. I treasure these books and over the years have read and reread parts of them time and again. Thank you for your posts and insights Donald – I really like them 🙂 Jackie

  8. John Maxwell’s 15 invaluable laws of Growth

    Taraji P Henson’s Around The Way Girl: A Memoir

    Robert Langdini Persuasion& Diplomacy

  9. Robin Wolpinsky
    Robin Wolpinsky

    Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy
    by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant | Apr 24, 2017

    This book is great!

  10. Gebrehiwot Zibelo
    Gebrehiwot Zibelo

    Thanks Donald for consistent communication. The books that enjoy me more are more of psychology streams in areas of personal development skill,

  11. Palesa Prudence
    Palesa Prudence

    Purple Hibiscus

    From the book, I came to perceive that we are not only abused by outsiders but also by our own blood. Being abused by someone close to you is painful because you might feel scared to report him/her, and somehow you might be forced to take drastic decision against them. I also learnt that as the bible says ‘you can’t serve two masters at the same time’ ,and from the book a family is segregated as other members of the family are traditionalist and others are christians.

  12. Oh you have reminded me. Donald, I truly love reading. Am proud to have read over 150 personal development books. They have greatly shaped me into a man am today.

    I love books. Check… #Success Principles, #Think and Grow rich, #The power of positive living, #Outliers the story of success # How to win friends and influence people #Unlimited Power, #Awaken the giant within, #The 4 hour week #Maximum Achievement. Oh dear, the list is like I said is looong…


  13. I finished Atomic Habits by James Clear a little while ago. It really works. I wanted to write again, but procrastinated for years. After reading the book, I sat down to write a single sentence every day for a week. The following week, I wrote a daily paragraph. After that it was a page. I am now writing complete essays.

  14. Oh my dear I love BOOKS. Reading to me is second nature. Books have greatly shaped my character… all through.

    Here we go… #Success Principles. #Think and Grow Rich. #The Power Of Positive living. #Outliers The Story of Success. #Getting things Done. Million Dollar Habit. #How to Win Friends and Influence People. #Un limited Power. #Awaken the Giant Within. #Influence.

    Donald, the list is loo…ng!

    Love+ Respect.

  15. The Greatest Salesman in the World By Og Mandino

  16. I like the fast paced books that keeps you waiting and wanting for more. The intellectually stimulating ones. Origin by Dan Brown and the millennials fav Harry Potter has been my stress buster for years.

  17. Thanks for sharing, everyone! It’s great to learn from you all.

  18. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. Best book to teach living your own way.



  20. I have always find books …as relaxation habits and personal growth. The books I have enjoyed most over the years are. The Automatic Millionaire, the 7th habits of highly effective people’s and How to stop worrying and Start Living by Dale carnegie.

  21. Hi dear donald
    I interested to study the books that help me to have better life. Some of them are :
    Reach dad poor dad. A dent in university. Coledg stress.self discipline in 14 days.the majesty of calmness. Eat that frog. The power of habit. The power of your subconscious and also lm interested to u tubes videos about self improvement.

  22. so far the book named ” MEDITATIONS” by Marcus AURELIUS

  23. I am an avid reader and try to read self development books on a regular basis. The miracle morning has had a huge impact on my life!

  24. Opps wrong website on last comment! Correct one now!

  25. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    Becoming-Michelle Obama
    We’re Going to Need More Wine-Gabrielle Union
    Rise & Grind-Daymond John
    Crucial Conversations
    Emotional Intelligence

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