The Importance of Staying Balanced

To live a full life, there is an important principle you need to remember. The principle is staying balanced. Violating this principle will only lead you to misery.

There are five aspects of life that you need to keep balanced:

  • Work
  • Health
  • Learning
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Unfortunately, many people have what I call “unbalanced success”: they have tremendous success in one or two aspects of their lives but at the expense of the other aspects.

To the outsiders, they might seem to be ‘wildly successful’, ‘living the dream’, and so on, but the facts are different. Their family life might be unhappy, they might be physically weak, or they might be depressed. In any case, living an unbalanced life will cost you a lot.

That’s why it’s important that you make a deliberate effort to stay balanced. You need to make it a priority.

For many people, the one aspect that causes the other aspects to suffer is Work. They spend so much time at work that they don’t have enough time for the other aspects. They don’t have enough time to be with their family and friends, to grow spiritually, or to exercise and rest.

But why does it happen?

In most cases, I believe there is an underlying belief that causes it. The belief is that having more money will make me happier. This belief causes them to spend so much time at work at the expense of the other aspects of their lives.

But you know what? Living that way will not make you happy. Instead, it will make you miserable. Sure, it may take years before you feel the effect. You might even feel good along the way. But the end is inevitable unless you change direction.

So how can we overcome this? How can we stay balanced and not fall into this trap?

You need to attack the false belief at the core of it. You need to attack the belief that having more money will make you happier. The antidote is being content.

The truth is, it’s okay not to have as much as your neighbors and friends. It’s okay to live a simple life. You might not seem to be outwardly successful, but you’ve got something better than that. By living a balanced life with contentment, you have achieved what many people try to achieve: living a full and happy life. And that’s what matters.


  1. I know many people that believe money gives them happiness so they pass all of their life in working and earning and collecting money i believe this kind of people never can enjoy their life . they are many other important things that we can be happy like our famiy and our friends why dont we try that every enjoyable moments in life are not with money and every problems are not soluting we money .. thanck for your good topic ;;;;

    • Things may make life easier but things cannot make life more fulfilling unless they provide a way to deepen relationships. This is impossible for any THING to do. Relationships are key to transformation and fulfillment not things

  2. Mary Ng Shwu Ling
    Mary Ng Shwu Ling

    Yes, the joy of contentment is the key to living a balanced life!

    Thanks Donald for this well written article!

  3. Brilliant… This is what is killing many people. My father calls chasing the wind* all in the name of amassing wealth, etc.

  4. You touched on a very important point when you advised us to examine and dispute the false beliefs behind the habits that sabotage us. Contentment rests on the belief in our Wholeness. The article is memorable.

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, everyone! I enjoy reading them 🙂

  6. nice life lesson i’m really impress

  7. Thanks for pointing out these 5 areas! Reminds me of the wheel of life exercise – where when one area is out of balance, all the other ones follow too.

    The false money belief is so on point too.

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