Ask the Readers: What Is Your Favorite Personality Test?

The New Yorker recently published an article about personality tests. It mainly covers the history of MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), but it also talks about personality tests in general.

The article says that while some people find personality tests helpful, some others doubt its value. But still, the tests are gaining popularity in recent decades.

The article also states that there are over two thousand personality tests out there! That number surprised me. I only know a few tests myself.

So here is my question to you:

What is your favorite personality test and why?

Please leave your answer in the comments so that everyone can learn from it.  Thanks!


  1. DISC profile

  2. Meyers-Briggs changed my life! I learned what my strengths were, but more important than that, it pointed out my weakness, and from that point on, I paid special attention to details, as I tend to see things in concepts and the big picture. Also, I learned that others at work, that were the opposite from me, which sometimes irritated me, actually were helpful in a project, to bring it to closure, which wasn’t my strength. Also, the Enneagram had helpful information, as it delves into childhood and our past. Like everything, take what you like and leave the rest, and it’s not the answer to your Life or your Happiness, but can reveal significant input to help to balance ourselves.

  3. Disclaimer: I am certified in all of these. I think the MBTI, hands down, provides the deepest dive into personal growth and development. For me, the development of personality type is the richest learning and is pretty much spot-on. Following that, I think the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) and DISC both offer great team tools. The SDI gave me a real understanding of how my motivational value system underpins my behavior, and led to my ability to work with others unlike myself. The DISC’s best feature is how it pinpoints the differences between preferred style and adapted style in a given setting (say, work), and how much energy it takes when the two are significantly different. The I think the EQ-I 2.0 is rich and enlightening but also dense with information which can make it cumbersome and intimidating as an assessment. But when used sans assessment, it’s perfect in interactive learning activities with teams.

  4. My favorite test is MBTI

  5. Find it easy to take and gives reliable results

  6. Caliper has worked well for our company. We looked for empathy from customer service people and other traits for others. There is also a great tool called Kolbe that helps with teams.

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