Apps for the New Year: HabitMaster at 50% Off and Resolutions 2017

2017 is coming soon. If you want to make the most of it right from the start, I have two apps that can help you do that. Here they are:

1. HabitMaster (iOS)

HabitMaster is my best-selling app for building habits. You can use it to set daily, weekly, and monthly habits. You can also use it to set reminders and days that are okay to skip. Your goal with the app is to not break the streak.

Click here to get the app at 50% off (New Year’s sale)

2. Resolutions 2017 (iOS)

Resolutions 2017 helps you keep your New Year’s resolutions. With this app, you can list your resolutions and rate yourself on how well you are doing them. It also allows you to set action items and reminders.

Click here to try the app for free. If you like it, you can then get the full version to create unlimited number of items.


I hope you find these two apps useful. Enjoy your time and Happy New Year!