10 Ways to Feed a New Mindset

Note: This post is written by Eddy Baller

Dealing with depression as a young adult was tough, especially because I didn’t know that I was feeding it with my own mindset.

Every day was the same pattern: wake up, think about things I didn’t like, listen to negative music, read the depressing news, see my negative friends, talk about all of the stuff we hated about life…repeat.

“Why am I so depressed?” was a question I asked at times, even though most of the answers were right in my own head.

After discovering how my own thinking was aggravating my mental health, I started working on small changes and completely changed my life.

Some of these suggestions may help you break the pattern and start seeing things in a new light too.

1. Don’t recycle negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts can be sort of addicting; we think of something that really bothers us, feel bad, then keep refocusing on that same thought instead of moving on. This doesn’t make any sense, but we tend to believe that whatever we’re thinking at any given moment is the reality.

In truth, it’s just a perception coming from a very narrowly focused mind. This can be why it’s so hard to let go of some of these reoccurring thoughts – we’re really good at convincing ourselves about how real and important they are when they’re just electrical impulses in the brain.

When we learn that our perceptions don’t dictate reality or change our surroundings, we can let go and stop taking them so seriously.

2. Think the opposite.

When an old negative belief comes up, think about what would be the exact opposite of that thought, then focus on it instead.

Normally it’s too easy to go down that bad-mindset spiral, which is why we have to consciously change our thinking. If you always focus on the reasons why your ideas won’t work, interrupt the pattern and purposefully think about why it might work.

What are all of the reasons your idea could succeed? Even the most negative person could think of counter arguments to their own ideas.

3. Seek out friends who think the way you want to think.

So your current friends are looking at the mud too, right? It’s time to find some people who look at the stars.

Figure out where the kind of person you want to be would hang out, and go there. Not only will you start doing something or being somewhere you want to be, but you’ll start meeting others with a more positive perspective which will rub off on you.

4.  Abstain from all “bad news”.

Wars murders, and politics take your focus away from important matters and add a negative tone to the way you see everything. Having a negative media fast will help your clear your mind while cultivating a new mindset.

5. Read one chapter of a personal development book per day.

Saturating your mind with positive ideas every day will do the same thing that saturating your mind with negative ideas will – it’ll have you focusing on those thoughts. The more you focus on ideas that uplift you, especially actionable ideas, the more motivated you’ll be to do the hard work that comes with real personal development.

6. Watch a motivational video first thing in the morning.

This will get the right feelings stirred up first thing in the day which will have you begin on the right foot. It’s easier to look forward to the day when you start with some inspiration.

7. Take action.

Do one thing each day from your personal development reading. We feel the most alive when we’re actually doing something and not just passively learning.

To cultivate a new mindset, getting the body moving and making things happen every day is crucial. Seeing is believing so give yourself something real to believe in.

8. Complete the most important task each day.

Start the day by focusing on the big movers, the things that will really make a difference in your life. If you’re always trying to complete the menial tasks then all you’re going to get is menial outcomes.

9. Meditate.

Age old advice, at least from the monks. Meditation will help you create the mental peace which will set your foundation for a new mindset.

It’s hard to see the good in our daily lives when there’s too much inner chaos. By slowing things down through meditation it will be easier to avoid emotional reactions to the things happening around you.

10. Workout.

Another way to set a solid foundation for a killer mindset – a healthy body. You’ll get the immediate endorphin rush, lower body fat, better circulation and a clear thinking mind. Not to mention, a little extra stress relief.


What kind of methods do you have to cultivate a positive mindset? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Good points.

    I like especially the media fast. There’s huge potential in there.

    Can you recommend a motivational video to watch in the morning? Thanks

  2. Great list. Particularly the “refrain from negative news” part. I agree that you need to feed your mind positive things to have a positive outlook in life. Thanks for this awesome post! 🙂

    -Matt Kohn

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