Start Living a Better Life: 10 Habits to Form

Note: This post is written by Andrew Howe

Are you satisfied with your life?

Most people complain about the quality of their lives from time to time. We believe that having a raise of salary, much free time, or a strong reputation can make us happier and, therefore, we can start living a better life.

It’s harsh but true: just one out of three Americans is happy.

Although you might become happier when all those above-mentioned things happen, it’s you who decides what life to live. If you want to stop complaining and start living a better life, take the bull by the horns to organize a good environment around you.

If you have good habits, that’s great. However, there are some habits that can help you make the most out of your life and become a happier person.

Are you ready to know the secret of a better life? Here we go!

1. Wake Up Earlier

Richard Whately once said, “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.”

Most people who succeed in something said that they have a habit of waking up earlier. If you believe that there should be more than 24 hours a day, you need to form this habit as well.

People tend to be more productive in the morning, and it is a good way to learn time management skills. Wake up earlier to do more tasks during the day. There is no need to sacrifice personal life if you know how to manage your workflow.

If you don’t know how to form this habit, there are 25 ways to wake up early.

2. Drink a Glass of Green Tea Daily

Have you ever heard about the benefits of a cup of green tea? In fact, green tea consists of minerals, nutrients, L-theanine, and caffeine as well. All these components make green tea the number one beverage for boosting productivity and brain functions.

If you drink a cup of green tea daily, it’s more likely that you can improve your well-being and become a smarter person. Plus, it affects your health and increases fat burning, so all people who are keen on sport can use it without doubts!

3. Do Sports

We know about the importance of sports for our health since early childhood. Physical activities can prevent health problems, increase stamina, and boost brain functions as well!

It’s crucial for all people, but if you work at the office and you sit all day long, it’s even more important for you as it helps to stay active and, therefore, healthy.

While the variety of sports is big, every person can find some physical activity that suits his or her needs. Do sports on a regular basis to promote health and well-being!

4. Laugh at Something

Laugh has become a new medicine: it reduces blood pressure, improves the feeling of well-being, and burns extra calories. Is it a panacea? In a nutshell, it is!

Having a good sense of humor is a key to happy life and a good possibility to overcome different problems. Watch comedy shows, tell jokes, and share stories.

Moreover, you’re wonderful when you smile 😉

5. Learn Something New

Living in the digital era, it’s easy to search for any information on the web. e-Learning and m-Learning have become alternative sources of obtaining knowledge while blended education is widespread among youth.

Learning something new daily helps your self-development, so you can feel happiness without many efforts.

6. Find a Hobby

Are you fond of something? If you have something that is high on your list, dedicate your time to it! People believe that having a hobby is a good way to win new friends, broaden the mind, boost inspiration and, therefore, become a happier person.

If you’re still hesitating what hobby to choose, give everything you like a try! Moreover, you can collaborate with friends to find a new hobby that is interesting for all of you!

7. Pay a Compliment

Once you see something (or someone) that you like, don’t hesitate to pay a compliment. It is a way to not only build connection but also boost the positive atmosphere.

If you don’t believe in the power of your words, watch a short video experiment:

Pay a compliment to someone right now, and observe his reaction. I bet you would be surprised with the power of your words as a sincere compliment can help to build trust, win friends, and enjoy the process itself!

8. Put Aside

We all have the same problem when it comes to unexpected expenses. To avoid this situation, you’d better have an extra budget. Thus, putting aside is a key to happier life. No matter how big your salary is, you can put aside at least 10% of it per month. It teaches how to manage income and helps to build a financial budget for the future.

9. Learn Foreign Phrases

Even if you don’t travel much, knowing languages is great! It shows your expertise, enrich vocabulary, gives an insight, and much more! To be honest, it doesn’t take much time to learn some foreign phrases, but it might be useful!

Plus, it’s the first step toward learning a new language.

10. Turn Off All Gadgets for an Hour a Day

Modern people are in love with technologies. People tend to use their gadgets wherever they are, and the number of people who are staring at their phones, no matter what goes around, is growing daily. It has become a modern problem, and it’s you who can stop this tendency!

Form a habit of turning off all gadgets for an hour a day. It can help you relax, avoid distractions, boost productivity, and build relations with people you value. The life is around us, not online!

The Bottom Line

We all live under the same sun, and being a happy person (and living a better life) is the number one task for everyone. If you’ve decided to change your life for the better, do it right now! The above-mentioned tips might help you achieve harmony and satisfaction.

If you have your tricks or tips, don’t hesitate to share them!

Andrew Howe is fond of writing and learning languages. He runs AdverbLess that is aimed at highlighting adverbs in your prose. Contact Andrew via email:


  1. Donald, thanks for sharing! It’s a big pleasure to become a contributor to Life Optimizer

  2. Great post. For me as a young entrepreneur working on getting things started, I’ve found that highly successful individuals, regardless of industry, share very similar habits. No wonder Stephen Covey’s book was such a hit.

    — Matt Kohn

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