Introducing Short Notes: An App for Quickly Capturing Your Ideas

I love taking notes. In fact, I believe that the habit has been essential for my personal growth. But can you guess what my main note-taking app is? Evernote? OneNote?

Well, I do use OneNote, but my main note-taking app – the one that I use the most – is Short Notes.

Short Notes is an iOS app that I develop myself. I was looking for a note-taking app that fits my needs, but I couldn’t find one, so I decided to develop Short Notes.

I developed it back in 2011 and have used it since then. But I have never written about it here. Why? Because I didn’t think that the app was good enough. Recently though, I released a new version that makes me feel good to share it with you.

As its name implies, Short Notes helps you take short notes. Let’s say you take a walk in the park and an idea comes to your mind in the form of one or a few sentences. Short Notes is ideal for this kind of situation. You can quickly capture and organize that idea.

With Short Notes:

  • You don’t need to give a title to a note. You just write down the sentences that come into your mind.
  • You can see all your ideas in one continuous stream. You don’t need to tap on a note’s title first to view its content. The entire content of multiple notes is right there in the stream. It’s just like reading a Twitter timeline.
  • You can give multiple tags to a note, and you can read notes by tag. This way you can easily see all your ideas on a subject.
  • You can mark some notes as favorites. This allows you to see your most important ideas in one place.

To encourage you to be concise, the maximum length of a note is 250 characters. Short Notes is like your personal Twitter, but with the ability to easily organize your ideas.

The app has been essential for my personal growth, and I’m happy to share it with you today. I hope you find it useful too.

Click here to check it out