Going to the Next Level

Do you want to go to the next level in life? If you do, then there is a key principle you must remember:

Going to the next level requires sacrifice.

The fact is: there is a price to pay to move up. If you don’t pay it, you will just stay where you are. Paying it, on the other hand, requires sacrifice.

I had an experience with this when I studied towards my Master’s degree abroad.

Back in my undergraduate years, I could take eight to ten courses per semester and still being active in student organizations. While earning my Master’s degree, however, I took only five courses (the maximum number allowed), but barely had time for anything else. I was very busy with assignments. The workload was something I had never experienced before.

I’m glad I went through it though. Why? Because the experience took me to the next level. It made me stronger than before. I had to sacrifice a lot of time and energy, but it was totally worth it.

Of course, that was in the past, and I must keep moving forward. So I’m now preparing for my next challenge. I can’t tell you the details yet — but it will be a tough one for me. I’m sure the experience will take me to the next level.

What about you? What sacrifice are you going to make to go to the next level?


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  1. I am trying to take my life to the next level at the moment – in lots of ways (health, business and personal life). For me, having a compelling and clear vision and motivation that I will achieve is the key. That and turning up 100% and giving no excuses. It is hard, but every time I succeed in any way, I celebrate that and that leads on to further action.

  2. I want to pass to the next level within 1 month.
    Is very difficult but I think that I think that I can pass to the next level in my life 🙂

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