Ask the Readers: What Are the Most Inspiring Biographies You Have Read?

In my post about how to dream big, I wrote that one way to dream big is to get inspired by the stories of great people. It’s a good way to challenge your limiting beliefs and open your mind to new possibilities. The key is to not read the stories as a spectator, but to imagine yourself being in their position, overcoming challenges and defying expectations.

I’m always looking for good biographies to read, so I’d like to ask you:

What are the most inspiring biographies you have read and why?

Please leave your answer in the comments. Even if you don’t plan to leave an answer, I hope you will still stop by and vote for your favorite answer.


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  1. The story of my experiments with truth – Mahatma Gandhi


    gifted hands by BEN CARSON

  3. Fredrick Douglass is undoubtedly the father of the civil rights movement. Self-educated
    through sheer determination, genius, & articulacy to shape the Great
    American nation that we know today. He was an abolitionist, firmly believed in
    human rights for the same individuals who persecuted him, stood up for women’s
    rights long before any other nation did, one of the great orators, author, journalist,
    publisher & social reformer, all of this he achieved when slavery in the
    united states was at its height

  4. Experiments with Truth – Mahatma Gandhi,
    Man who loved only numbers- Paul Erdos

  5. Life in Motion by Misty Copeland

  6. I love biographies. Right now I’m reading Tesla by Margaret Chaney. Fascinating stuff there. Next up on the guest list is American Caesar on Gen. MacArthur by Wm. Manchester.

  7. The most inspiring biography (and book in general) I’ve ever read is called Grace and Grit by Ken Wilber. It’s sort of the dual biography of himself and his wife, Treya, during her struggle and ultimate death through breast cancer. The book is a life-changing bible of sorts, though, because it could be a how-to for people experiencing cancer but it’s also a manifesto on personal spiritual growth and transcendental psychology and how to achieve equanimity through suffering.

  8. Sting – Broken Music. Very honest and intelligent.

  9. Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, the biography of Dr. Paul Farmer and the story of the creation of Partners in Health.

  10. Drew Brees book – Coming back stronger

  11. Mother Teresa – by Navin Chawla

    Lincoln the Unknown by Dale Carnegie

  12. I have read many books of Nguyen Thien Ngan, she’s a author that I love most^^. Read ing that book, I can see simplicity emotions in each other, I feel myself being in every situation, every stories

  13. Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger

    The guy who was able to achieve all his dreams. Remarkable person, great example of strong character and open mindset. In this book, in this guy is more than you can imagine. You shouldn’t read this book, you just have to!

  14. Peter Jennings: A Reporter’s Life.

  15. swami vivakananda

  16. Thanks for participating, everyone! There are many books that I didn’t know. Glad to learn from all of you.

  17. Without doubt Winston S Churchill – Sir Martin Gilbert books all v good…

  18. Henrique Roberto
    Henrique Roberto

    Even though there is’nt a book, Greg Graffin, Phd and lead singer of Bad Religion. The guy is a punk rocker with incredibly ideologies on being against the social flow, being against the grain. I find his ideas inspirative on being yourself. He is also a university professor. So, the thing is, he has so much to offer in so many ways, music, ideas, inspiration, inner understanding that studying this guy is something I reccomend.

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