Introducing Wisdom of the Ages: Selected Quotes on Living Successfully

I love reading quotes and learning from them. Reading quotes, I believe, is a great way to learn about life. Quotes are short but contain a lot wisdom. They can give you useful lessons in a concise way. It doesn’t take much time to read them, but what you read can change your life.

Wisdom of the Ages: Selected Quotes on Living Successfully is an e-book that contains the best quotes I’ve found. I carefully handpicked every quote in the book. I went through thousands of quotes and chose only the best ones to be included here. The quotes I chose are the ones that contain life-changing lessons, not just beautiful play of words.

By having all the best quotes in one collection, you can save your time in finding them. You can focus on applying the lessons instead.

The package contains the e-book in three formats: PDF (which is printable), .epub (for reading on the iPhone/iPad), and .mobi (for reading on the Kindle). You will get all three of them for $2.99. Instructions on how to use them are available on the readme.rtf file within the package.

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I hope you will find this resource useful. Thanks!


  1. Green Solution Collective
    Green Solution Collective

    I do agree with this. Age brings wisdom in each and everyone of us!

  2. There is a saying, those who don’t remember the history are condemned to repeat it. Thank you for choosing the best of history’s wisdom to share with us!

  3. I’m a lover of quotes too. Love combing the internet for little snippets of wisdom to add to a post. What a great idea to create this as an e-book.

  4. Behan ke lode kuch free main dede madarchood!

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