Monthly Roundup of October 2008

Recently I’ve been thinking about the Theme of the Month that we have here and I decide to no longer use it. The reason is because in my current situation I believe I can write better with flexible topics. I’m not in a position where I can do deep research on a topic (which is what I originally intended to do with Theme of the Month). Instead, I usually get unexpected ideas on different topics. So I think I can write higher quality posts if I’m not limited by a theme.
I still accept guest posts though. Please see Guest Posting Guidelines for more information about it.
Let’s now look at what happened in October.
Best Posts
There were nine posts published in October. The most visited posts were:

Guest Posts
We have four guest posts last month:

For Andrew, Shamelle, Sid, and Winston: thanks!
One Year Before
Looking back to October 2007, the most visited posts were:


  1. wow.. I had no idea “7 Winning Character Traits That Create A Lifetime Of Success” was the most visited post :-0)

  2. Yes, it was. Congratulations, Shamelle 🙂

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