Today is a Gift: 10 Reasons to Love Your Life Today

Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.
Bil Keane

Today is a gift. We have all the reasons to be excited about today, but too often we forget about it. We may end up complaining and feel bad about today. Don’t let it happen. Let’s count your blessings and see why you should love your life today:

Today is a gift 1. Today you are healthy

We are so used to being healthy that we forget how good being healthy is. Sometimes we need to be sick to appreciate the blessing of being healthy.

2. Today you have someone who loves you

Being lonely is terrible. Today, if you have someone who loves you, you have something more valuable than wealth.

3. Today you have opportunity to love

Not only do you have someone who loves you, today you also have the opportunity to love them – and other people – back.

4. Today you have good meals to eat

If you can eat a good meal today, just remember that many people can’t. Many people struggle to eat even once a day.

5. Today you have a job

Many people are jobless. If you aren’t, you have a reason to be excited about your work.

6. Today you live in peace

I just can’t imagine living in the midst of war. Fear and terror will always haunt me. I could lose the people I love anytime. I could even lose my life.

7. Today you have clean air to breathe

You don’t have to wear a mask, do you? Many people in the world must. In some parts of the world the air quality is so bad people can no longer breathe freely.

8. Today you are safe

You can go to the places you want without worrying that something bad will happen to you. That’s something to be grateful for.

9. Today you have opportunity to give

Giving is among the best ways to increase your happiness and today you have the opportunity to give.

10. Today is a new day

Forget the past. Forget yesterday. Today you have the opportunity to begin anew.

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  1. This is a wonderfully zen outlook. Pay attention to the moment. Enjoy it. Savor it.

    Stanley Bronstein
    Attorney, CPA, Author, Blogger & Professional Motivational Speaker

  2. Stanley,
    Yes, everyday is special. I need to remind myself often about it since I tend to forget it 🙂

  3. Thanks Donald,

    This is a great affirmation piece!

    I am reading Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now’, which gives a great deal of insights on how to live in the now.


    Jordan Cheng

  4. Jordan,
    “The Power of Now” is a book I also want to read. It does have good reputation. It’s been on my “candidate list” for a while but I don’t know when I will actually read it (because of a classic problem: a lot of interesting books to read but only little time available).

  5. Donald : I agree with you! Today is only important moment in our life.
    Only for today, I will seek to live the livelong day positively without wishing to solve the problems of my life all at once.

  6. I really loved this article. It’s very true, but we don’t get the chance to think it all through. I should remeber the points each time I have a slight mood twist.

  7. Ana,

    I will seek to live the livelong day positively without wishing to solve the problems of my life all at once.

    That’s a magic of today. We can focus on the present and live our life with excitement.

    That’s actually one reason why I wrote this article: to remind myself of the magic of today. It’s easy to forget it.

  8. Thank you for that list! It is so good to be reminded of the positive things in life. Sometimes the negative seems to be so much easier to identify.

  9. Elle,
    Yes, it’s often easier to identify the negative. Fortunately, we have so many things to be grateful for in life.

  10. Being lonely is terrible… On the bright side — every cloud has it’s silver lining — I did experience number 4 today. I had some Starbucks Vanilla Bean Truffles. They were fairly strong and more meant for coffee, but they did get me through the morning.

  11. I really liked this article, it’s a good reminder for everything we have and take for granted. #3 was the perfect example for me today, as I was going up the stairs in the metro(subway), 3 girls, one after the other, turned around to take a second look at me. That made my day!

  12. Mathieu and J.R,
    I’m glad to hear your experiences. They are good examples of simple things we should be grateful for.

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  14. This article talks about present.We all have to learnt to live in the present.But there are days when i become dull without my knowledge.I dont have any idea Y.We all might have faced situations which is beyond our wildest dreams,i am one among them.There are many incidents which many of us can’t forget in life.But we should always try to forget and live in the present.

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