Productivity Search Engine – Productivity Resources at Your Fingertips

Following the development in personal productivity field could be cumbersome. There are simply too many good resources out there than what I could possibly follow through my feed reader. So what can I do?

One solution I can think of is creating a “knowledge base” of personal productivity resources. The “knowledge base” should contain information from multiple sources in one place which can easily be searched to find exactly what I need.

That’s why I create the Productivity Search Engine (PSE). It’s a Google Custom Search Engine which is designed to search 50+ productivity blogs at once. These blogs are select blogs taken from Zen Habit’s Top 50 Productivity Blogs with some additions from me.

Unlike the normal Google Web Search, this search engine limits the results only from those 50+ productivity blogs. Since newest ideas and trends often come from blogs instead of other kind of web sites (due to blogs’ very democratic nature), I believe PSE could give you better results on productivity topics.

If you are a blogger interested in productivity topics, the benefit of using PSE is even more obvious: you can quickly figure out what other bloggers have said about certain productivity topics. This will make you look even more knowledgeable in front of your readers :). And you can do that in very short time.

Please check it out. It’s very useful for me (I use it extensively to do research for this blog) and I hope it’s also useful for you.


  1. Very nice tool. I only had time to give it a quick trial but already convinced me to keep trying it.
    The blogs you chose to be on the list are fantastic resources of information, but I noticed something: mine is not there (hint hint).

    Again, thanks for the tool.

  2. Thanks for the input, Marques. I do plan to add some more blogs in the future. I will consider it when I update the search engine.

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